LRTS volume 53, no. 4

October 2009 Contents


Association for Library Collections and Technical Services Annual Report 2008–9

M. Dina Giambi


Training Successful Paraprofessional Copy Catalogers

Colleen Valente

Literature of Acquisitions in Review, 2004–7

Barbara S. Dunham and Trisha L. Davis

Author-Assigned Keywords versus Library of Congress Subject Headings: Implications for the Cataloging of Electronic Theses and Dissertations

C. Rockelle Strader


Can Blogging Help Cataloging? Using a Blog and Other Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Cataloging Section Activities

Sherab Chen

Better, Faster, Stronger: Integrating Archives Processing and Technical Services

Gregory C. Colati, Katherine M. Crowe, and Elizabeth S. Meagher


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Cover art reprinted with permission from Modino dei Luzzi, Anatomia (Leipzig: Martin Landsberg, ca. 1493), held in the John Martin Rare Book Room, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, University of Iowa.