Volume 46, Number 1 January 2002


Out-of-Print Digital Scanning: An Acquisitions and Preservation Alternative
L. Suzanne Kellerman

Practitioner Perspectives on Cataloging Education for Entry-Level Academic Librarians
Karen M. Letarte, Michelle R. Turvey, Dea Borneman, and David L. Adams

Cataloging Efficiency and Effectiveness
Cheryl McCain and Jay Shorten


Book Reviews
Margaret Rohdy, Editor

Proceedings of the Bicentennial Conference on Bibliographic Control for the New Millennium, reviewed by Martha M. Yee
Sorting Out the Web: Approaches to Subject Access, reviewed by John Hostage
Copyright in Cyberspace: Questions and Answers for Librarians, reviewed by Vicki L. Gregory
The Map Library in the New Millennium, reviewed by Michael Manoff

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