Volume 44, Number 4 October 2000


Dan Hazen
Selecting for Storage: Local Problems, Local Responses, and an Emerging Common Challenge

David Block
Remote Storage in Research Libraries: A Microhistory

Amanda Maple and Tona Henderson
Prelude to a Digital Music Library at the Pennsylvania State University Networking Audio for Academic Library Users

Michael Coffta and David M. Schoen
Academic Library Web Sites as a Source of Interlibrary Loan Lending Information: A Survey of Four- and Five-Year Colleges and Universities

Katherine H. Weimer, Laura Lillard, Wendi Arant, and David Mitchell
Security and Access to CD-ROMs Accompanying Books: Data and Recommendations

Ann Massman
The Wood Shelving Dilemma


Jennifer Younger
From the Editor

Margaret Rohdy, Editor
Book Reviews

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Edward Swanson
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