Volume 42, Number 4 October 1998


Rising to the Top: Evaluating the Use of the HTML META Tag to Improve Retrieval of World Wide Web Documents through Internet Search Engines
Thomas P. Turner and Lise Brackbill

Specificity, Syndetic Structure, and Subject Access to Works about Individual Corporate Bodies
Mary Dabney Wilson

The Impact of Subject Heading Assignment on Circulation of Dissertations at Virginia Tech
Richard E. Sapon-White and Mary Hansbrough

Notes on Operations

Evaluation of Three Record Types for Component Works in Analytic Online Catalogs
Herbert H. Hoffman

Mendigainera: Scaling the Peak of the Basque Library Backlog
Marcelino Ugalde and Kathryn Etcheverria

Union Listing and the Inter-Library Loan Connection
Kathryn Ryan-Zeugner and Mary W. Lehman


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