General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  • authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  • titles—of articles and of articles about which letters were published
  • subjects—of articles and of books and nonprint media reviewed

Subject entries for individuals are identified by “(about)”; letters are identified by “(c)”.

Reviews are indexed by name of reviewer and by subject of the work reviewed, identified by “(r)”. They are also listed by title under the heading “Books and nonprint media reviewed.”

Entries are arranged word by word following the “file-as-spelled” principle. Numbers are arranged before alphabetical characters; acronyms without internal punctuation are arranged as words.

Subject headings are based on: ASIS Thesaurus of Information Science and Librarianship, edited by Jessia L. Milstead (Medford, N.J.: Published for the American Society for Information Science by Learned Information, Inc., 1994).