LRTS Index Volume 52, 2008

Compiled by Edward Swanson

General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  • a. authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  • b. titles—of articles and of articles about which letters were published
  • c. subjects—of articles and of books reviewed

Subject entries for individuals and corporate bodies are identified by “ about”; letters are identified by “(c).” Reviews are indexed by name of reviewer and by subject of the work reviewed, identified by “reviews.” They are also listed by title under the heading “Books Reviewed.”

Subject headings are based mainly on ASIS&T Thesaurus of Information Science, Technology, and Librarianship, 3d ed., edited by Alice Redmond-Neal and Marjorie M. K. Hlava (Medford, N.J.: Published on behalf of the American Society for Information Science and Technology by Information Today, Inc., 2005).

Paging of Volume 52

  • Pages 1–72 = Number 1 (January)
  • Pages 73–144 [1-72] = Number 2 (April)*
  • Pages 145–216 = Number 3 (July)
  • Pages 217–284 = Number 4 (October)

*Note: Due to a production error, the page numbers in Number 2 are incorrect. The correct page numbers are 73 through 144, instead of 1 through 72. The correct page numbers are given in the entries in this index, followed in brackets by the numbers that actually appear in the issue, e.g., 75–83 [3–11]


Abbas, June, 173–83

Abram, Stephen, 91–94 [19–22]

Academic libraries

use studies, 230–37

Acquisition of library materials

allocation of funds, 60–70

bibliography, 238–53

of digital materials, reviews, 211–12

of electronic materials, reviews, 211–12

literature reviews, 238–53

Adkins, John E., reviews, 267–70

Aho, Melissa, reviews, 215–16


documentation of, reviews, 141–42 [69–70]

“Approaches to Selection, Access, and Collection Development in the Web World: A Case Study with Fugitive Literature” 184–91


documentation of, reviews, 141–42 [69–70]


cataloging of, reviews, 141–42 [69–70]

Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, 227–29

history, reviews, 265–67

“Association for Library Collections and Technical Services Annual Report 2007–08” 227–29

Aycock, Mary, reviews, 212–13


Becker, Tabitha, reviews, 263–64

Benefit-cost analyses, 254–62

Bibliographic control, 218–26

Bird, James E., 42–53

Blixrud, Julia C., reviews, 206–8

Bluh, Pamela, 227–29; port., 227

“Book Reviews” 71, 141–44 [69–72], 205–16, 263–81


prices, 60–70

Books Reviewed

Archives and the Digital Library (Landis and Chandler, eds.), 208–9

Cataloger, Editor, and Scholar: Essays in Honor of Ruth C. Carter (Holley, ed.), 209–11

Cataloging Cultural Objects: A Guide to Describing Cultural Objects and Their Images (Baca, Harpring, Lanzi, McRae, and Whiteside), 141–42 [69–70]

Commemorating the Past, Celebrating the Present, Creating the Future: Papers in Observance of the 50th Anniversary of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (Bluh, ed.), 265–67

E–Metrics for Library and Information Professionals (White and Kamal), 206–8

FRBR: A Guide for the Perplexed (Maxwell), 205–6

Growth, Creativity, and Collaborations: Great Visions on a Great Lake (French and Mering, eds.), 267–01

Handbook of Electronic and Digital Acquisitions (Leonhardt, ed.), 211–12

IFLA Cataloguing Principles: Steps towards an International Cataloguing Code 3 (Tillett, Reyad, and Cristán, eds.), 71

Institutional Repositories (University of Houston Libraries, Institutional Repository Task Force), 270–71

International Newspaper Librarianship for the 21st Century (Walravens, ed.), 215–16

Library 2.0 and Beyond: Innovative Technologies and Tomorrow’s User (Courtney, ed.), 271–72

Metadata: A Cataloger’s Primer (Smiraglia, ed.), 272–34

Metadata and Its Application in the Digital Library: Approaches and Practices (Liu), 142–44 [70–72]

Mile–High Views: Surveying the Serials Vista (Borchert and Ives, eds.), 267–70

Moving Beyond the Presentation Layer: Content and Context in the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System (Mitchell and Vizine–Goetz, eds.), 273–75

Networking for Digital Preservation: Current Practices in 15 National Libraries (Verheul), 275–76

Newspapers of the World Online: U.S. and International Perspectives (Walravens, ed.), 215–16

Open Access Bibliography: Liberating Scholarly Literature with E–Prints and Open Access Journals (Bailey), 212–13

Organizing Information from the Shelf to the Web (Chowdhury and Chowdhury), 213–15

Roaring Into Our 20’s: NASIG 2005 (Mering and Saxton, eds.), 267–70

Sound Savings: Preserving Audio Collections (Matz, ed.), 276–77

Subject Access to a Multilingual Museum Database: A Step–by–Step Approach to Digitization Process (Kupietzky), 277–79

Sudden Selector’s Guide to Business Resources (Bergart and Lewis), 264–65

Understanding FRBR: What It Is and How It Will Affect Our Retrieval Tools (Taylor, ed.), 205–6

UNIMARC and Friends: Charting the New Landscape of Library Standards (Plassard, ed.), 279–80

Using Interactive Technologies in Libraries (Hanson and Cervone, eds.), 264

Using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (Cole), 142–44 [70–72]

Using XML:A How–To–Do–It Manual and CD–ROM for Librarians (Ng), 263–64

Botero, Cecilia, 133–40 [61–68]

Boyd, Morag, reviews, 277–79

Business materials

acquisition of, reviews, 264–65

collection development, reviews, 264–65


Camden, Beth Picknally, 95–100 [23–28]

Canadian materials

classification, 101–15 [29–43]

subject headings, 101–15 [29–43]

Carrico, Steven, 133–40 [61–68]

Carter, Ruth C., about, reviews, 209–11

Casserly, Mary F., 42–53

Catalogers, 95–100 [23–28]

Cataloging, 95–100 [23–28]; reviews, 213–15

of art, reviews, 141–42 [69–70]

bibliography, 148–63

literature reviews, 148–63

of pictures, reviews, 141–42 [69–70]

rules––congresses, reviews, 71

workflows, 116–25 [54–60]

“Cataloging and Classification: Review of the Literature 2005–06” 148–63

Chen, Su, 33

Citation analysis, 42–53


bibliography, 148–63

of Canadian materials, 101–15 [29–43]

literature reviews, 148–63

“Collecting Conversations in a Massive–Scale World” 84–90 [12–18]

Collins, Shantrie, reviews, 208–9

Communication in learning and scholarship, see Scholarly communication

“Converting and Preserving the Scholarly Record: An Overview” 27–32

Cost–benefit analyses, 254–62

COUNTER, 133–40 [61–68]

Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Sources, see COUNTER

Cultural property

documentation of, reviews, 141–42 [69–70]



evaluation, 4–17

Davis, Trisha L., 238–53

“Defining and Achieving Success in the Movement to Change Scholarly Communication” 116–25 [44–53]


study and teaching––audiovisual aids, 173–83

“Determining the Average Cost of a Book for Allocation Formulas: Comparing Options” 60–70

Dewey Decimal Classification, reviews, 273–75

Digital images

use studies, 173–83

Digital libraries

see also Institutional repositories

collection development––statistical methods, reviews, 206–8

Digital materials

acquisition of, reviews, 211–12

Digitization for preservation, 18–26, 27–32; reviews, 275–76

Dudley, Virginia, reviews, 205–6

Dunham, Barbara S., 238–53


East Asian studies materials, 33–41

EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier

evaulation, 4–17


sociological aspects, 75–83 [3–11]

“Editorial” 2, 74 [2], 147

Electronic journals

use studies, 133–40 [61–68]

Electronic resources

acquisition of, reviews, 211–12

archiving, 184–91

collection development, 184–91

use studies, reviews, 206–8

El–Sherbini, Magda A., 148–63

“Entering an Alternate Universe: Some Consequences of Implementing Recommendations of the Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control” 218–26

“Erratum Notice” 146

“Evaluating and Improving the Presentation of Serials Information in the Online Catalog” 192–204

Extensible Markup Language, see XML


FRBR, see Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records

Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records, reviews, 205–6


Garrison, William A., 95–100 [23–28]

“Guest Editorial” 218–26


Hahn, Trudi Bellardo, 18–26

Hider, Philip, 254–62

High performance computing, 84–90 [12–18]

Hill, Janet Swan, 95–100 [23–28], 218–26; port., 26

Holley, Robert P., 101–15 [29–43]

Hopkins, Judith, reviews, 265–67

Horrell, Jeffrey L., 27–32

Hostage, John, reviews, 71

“How Much are Technical Services Worth? Using the Contingent Valuation Method to Estimate the Added Value of Collection Management and Access” 254–62

Howard, Rachel I., reviews, 275–76


“Improving the Flow of Materials in a Cataloging Department: Using ADDIE for a Project in the Ohio State University Libraries” 126–32 [54–60]

Information society

economic aspects, 75–83 [3–11]

Information storage and retrieval, 84–90 [12–18]

Information technology

social aspects, 75–83 [3–11]

Institutional repositories, reviews, 270–71

Interactive multimedia

in libraries, reviews, 264

Intner, Sheila S., 95–100 [23–28]


Johnson, Peggy, 2, 74 [2], 147; port., 2, 74 [2], 147

Jones, Wayne, reviews, 211–12

Kurth, Martin, 54–59


Lanham, Richard A., 75–83 [3–11]

Lankes, R. David, 84–90 [12–18]

Leadership, 95–100 [23–28]

LeBlanc, Jim, 54–59


and online social networks, 91–94 [19–22]

Library funds

allocation, 60–70

Library Literature & Information Science Full Text

evaluation, 4–17

Library materials

digitization, 18–26, 27–32; reviews, 276–77

provenance, 164–72

Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control, 218–26

“Literature of Acquisitions in Review, 1996–2003” 238–53

Lundy, M. Winslow, 164–72


MARC formats, see also UNIMARC

Markup languages, see also XML

“Mass Digitization: Implications for Preserving the Scholarly Record” 18–26

McGurr, Melanie, 126–32 [54–60]

Metadata, reviews, 142–44 [70–72], 273–74

harvesting, reviews, 142–44 [70–72]

maintenance, 54–59

Mississippi State University, 60–70

Miszkiewicz, Melissa, 173–83

“A Model for Assessing Digital Image Use and Needs: Report of a Study into Digital Image Use in North American Dental Education” 173–83

Moulaison, Heather L., 230–37

Museum collections

subject cataloging, reviews, 277–79


NASIG, see North American Serials Interest Group

Newspaper libraries, reviews, 215–16

Newspapers, see Online newspapers

Nisonger, Thomas E., 4–17

North American Serials Interest Group, reviews, 268–71

“Notes on Operations” 60–70, 126–40 [54–68], 192–204


Ogburn, Joyce L., 116–25 [44–53]

Ohio State University Library, 116–25 [54–60]

On the Record (Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control), 218–26

Online catalogs

displays, 192–204

use studies, 230–37

Online newspapers, reviews, 215–16

Online social networks

libraries and, 91–94 [19–22]

“OPAC Queries at a Medium–Sized Academic Library: A Transaction Log Analysis” 230–37

Open access publishing

bibliography, reviews, 212–13

Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting, reviews 142–44 [70–72]

“An Operations Model for Library Metadata Maintenance” 54–59


Paling, Stephen, 173–83

Pappas, Cleo, reviews, 272–73

Pelote, Vincent, reviews, 277–78


cataloging of, reviews, 141–42 [69–70]

Preservation of library materials, reviews, 275–76, 276–77

see also Digitization for preservation

“Provenance Evidence in Bibliographic Records: Demonstrating the Value of Best Practices in Special Collections” 164–72

Provenance of library materials, 164–72


“Reflections on Cataloging Leadership” 95–100 [23–28]

Reynolds, Regina R., 95–100 [23–28]

Riley, Jenn, reviews, 279–80

Rodriguez, Sandy, reviews, 213–15


Schmidt, Karen, 184–91

Scholarly communication, 116–25 [44–53]

Serial publications

congresses, reviews, 267–70

holdings––display of, 192–204

in online catalogs, 192–204

Shelburne, Wendy Allen, 184–91

“Social Libraries: The Librarian 2.0 Phenomenon” 91–94 [19–22]

Sound recordings

preservation, reviews, 276–77

Special collections

cataloging of, 164–72

“Subject Access Tools in English for Canadian Topics: Canadian Extensions to U.S. Subject Access Tools” 101–15 [29–43]

Subject cataloging

of museum collections, reviews, 277–79

Subject headings

Canadian materials, 101–15 [29–43]

Swanson, Edward, 71, 141–44 [69–72], 205–16, 263–80, 281–84


Tarulli, Laurel, reviews, 273–75

Technical services

benefit–cost analysis, 254–62

Tennant, Michele R., 133–40 [61–68]

Terrill, Lori J., 192–204

Transaction logs

analysis, 230–37

“The Two Markets: Libraries in the Attention Economy” 75–83 [3–11]


UNIMARC, reviews, 279–80

University of Florida Libraries, 133–40 [61–68]

University of Wyoming Libraries, 192–204

“Use of the Checklist Method for Content Evaluation of Full–text Databases: A Citation of Two Databases Based on Citations from Two Journals” 4–17

“Using Comparative Online Journal Usage Studies to Assess the Big Deal” 133–40 [61–68]

Vess, David Steven, 184–91


WaggaWagga City Library, 254–62

Wang, Chengzhi, 33–41

Wartzok, Sue, reviews, 209–11

Web 2.0

and libraries, 91–94 [19–22]; reviews, 271–72

“Web Citation Availability: A Follow–Up Study” 42–53

Web pages

persistence of, 42–53

Web usage mining, reviews, 206–8

Weber, Mary Beth, reviews, 270–71, 272–73

Wells, Judy, reviews, 264–65

“Who Has Published What on East Asian Studies?: An Analysis of Publishers and Publishing Trends” 33–41

Wickett, Sarah, reviews, 264


in cataloging, 116–25 [54–60]

World Wide Web

archiving, 184–91

collection development, 184–91


XML, reviews, 263–64

Zambon, Joseph, 173–83