LRTS index

LRTS Index Volume 51, 2007

Compiled by Edward Swanson

General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  • a. authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  • b. titles—of articles and of articles about which letters were published
  • c. subjects—of articles and of books reviewed

Subject entries for individuals and corporate bodies are identified by “( about)”; letters are identified by “ letters”. Reviews are indexed by name of reviewer and by subject of the work reviewed, identified by “ reviews”. They are also listed by title under the heading “Books Reviewed”.

Paging of Volume 51

  • Pages 1–76 = Number 1 (January)
  • Pages 77–156 = Number 2 (April)
  • Pages 158–228 = Number 3 (July)
  • Pages 229–308 = Number 4 (October)


Access level cataloging, 212–25

Allgood, Julian Everett, 160–78

“Application Profile Development for Consortial Digital Libraries: An OhioLINK Case Study” 116–31


—description, 98–105

Arsenault, Clément, 190–203

“Association for Library Collections & Technical Services Annual Report 2006–2007” 232–36

“Automated Access Level Cataloging for Internet Resources at Columbia University Libraries” 212–25

Availability of library materials, see Library materials—availability


Barr, Tatiana, 146–52

Bibliographic records

—display, 160–78

“Book Reviews” 69–74, 153–55, 226–28

Books Reviewed

Becoming a Digital Library (Barnes, ed.), 227–28

Bibliographic Control of Music, 1897–2000 (Smiraglia), 69–70

Cataloging Correctly for Kids (Intner, Fountain, and Gilchrist, eds.), 155

The Complete Copyright Liability Handbook for Librarians and Educators (LIPINSKI), 226–27

Essential Thesaurus Construction (Broughton), 153–54

From A to Zine: Building a Winning Zine Collections in Your Library (Bartel), 74

From Catalog to Gateway: Charting a Course for Future Access: Briefings from the ALCTS Catalog Form and Function Committee (Sleeman and Bluh, eds.), 71–72

Guidelines for Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) Displays: Final Report, May 2005 (IFLA Cataloguing Section, Task Force on Guidelines for OPAC Displays), 72–73

MARC21 for Everyone: A Practical Guide (Fritz and Fritz), 73–74

Preparing for the Worst, Planning for the Best: Protecting Our Cultural Heritage from Disaster (Weilheiser and Gwinn, eds.), 70

The Preservation Manager’s Guide to Cost Analysis (Calvi, Carignan, Dube, Pape), 70–71

The Thesaurus: Review, Renaissance, and Revision (Roe and Thomas, eds.), 153–54

Budd, John M., 286–92


—allocation, 263–78

“Building Connections: A Review of the Serials Literature 2004 through 2005” 293–304


Cataloging, 51–68

—automation, 212–25

—rules, 98–105

Catalogs, reviews 71–72

see also Online catalogs

—searching, 2–4, 286–92

Caudle, Dana M., reviews 71–72

“The Challenge of Change” 51–68

Chapman, John W., 279–85

Children’s literature

—cataloging, reviews 155

Classification, 51–68

“Cognitive and Affective Processes in Collection Management” 5–15

Collection management, 5–15

College students

—searching library catalogs, 286–92

Columbia University Libraries, 212–25


—management, 204–11+

Connaway, Lynn Silipigni, 106–15

Connell, Tschera Harkness, 237–53

Continuing education, 81–97

Copyright, reviews 226–27

Creider, Laurence S., 254–62

Croft, Jean Ann, 81–97

“Cross-lingual Names and Subject Access: Mechanisms and Challenges” 180–89


“DACS and RAD: Insights and Questions from the New Archival Descriptive Standard” 98–105

Describing Archives: A Content Standard, 98–105

Digital collections, reviews 227–28

—Ohio, 116–31

Digital materials, see Electronic resources

Disaster preparedness, reviews 70


“Editorial” 78–80, 158, 230

“Electronic Resources Communications Management: A Strategy for Success” 204–11+

Electronic resources

—cataloging, 106–15, 212–25

—holdings records, 106–15

—management, 204–11+

—personnel for administering, 279–85

—retrieval of, 146–52

Elrod, J. McRee, reviews 72–73

“Exploring Categorization: Undergraduate Student Searching and the Evolution of Catalogs” 286–92


Family names

—in cataloging, 254–62

“Family Names and the Cataloger” 254–62

Feather, Celeste, 204–11+

Forrest, Dan, reviews 70

FRBR, see Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records

“FRBR Principles Applied to a Local Online Journal Finding Aid” 134–45

Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records

—for serials, 134–45


Genereux, Cecilia, 293–94

Gracy, Karen F., 81–97

Groves, Deana, reviews 154–55

“Guest Editorial” 2–4


Harcourt, Kate, 212–25

Hicks, Emily A., 116–31

Holley, Robert P., reviews 226–27


“The Inexorable Trend toward Work-Level Displays” 160–78

Initial articles (in titles), 190–203

“Instructions to Authors” 75–76

Internet resources, see Electronic resources


Johnson, Bruce Chr., 232–36; port. 232

Johnson, Peggy, 78–80, 158, 230; port. 78, 158, 230


Larsgaard, Mary Lynette, reviews 70–71

LaVoie, Brian F., 106–15

Library materials

—availability, 30–49

Library Resources & Technical Services, 237–53

“Linking Print and Electronic Books: One Approach” 146–52

Literature reviews

—cataloging, 2003–2004, 51–68

—classification, 2003–2004, 51–68

—serial publications, 2004–2005, 293–304

“A Look at Fifty Years of Library Resources & Technical Services” 237–53

Lundgren, Jimmie, 146–52


“Mapping WorldCat’s Digital Landscape” 106–15

MARC format, reviews 73–74

Maurer, Margaret Beecher, 116–31

Ménard, Elaine, 190–203

Metadata, 2–4, 16–28

Metadata librarians, 279–85

Miksa, Shawne D., 51–68

Miller, David, reviews 153–54

Multiple versions, 160–78

Music materials

—cataloging, reviews 69–70



—multiple language forms, 180–89

Names of families, see Family names

Naun, Chew Chat, 134–45

Nisonger, Thomas E., 30–49

“Notes on Operations” 116–52, 204–25+


O’Neill, Edward T., 106–15

OCLC online catalog, 106–15

Ohio State University Libraries, 204–11+

OhioLINK Digital Media Center, 116–31

Online catalogs

—displays, reviews 72–73

—searching, 190–203

Orcutt, Darby, reviews 74


Park, Jung-ran, 180–89

Perkins, Jody, 116–31

Preservation of library materials

—cost analysis, reviews 70–71

—study and teaching, 81–97


Quinn, Brian, 5–15

“Quo Vadis, Preservation Education? A Study of Current and Future Needs in Continuing Education Programs” 81–97


“A Regression-based Approach to Library Fund Allocation” 263–78

Resource Description and Access, 98–105

“Restrategizing Bibliographic Services and the One Good Record” 2–4

“Review and Analysis of Library Availability Studies” 30–49

Riemer, John J., 2–4

“The Roles of the Metadata Librarian in a Research Library” 279–85


“Searching Titles with Initial Articles in Library Catalogs: A Case Study and Search Behavior Analysis” 190–203

Serial publications, 160–78

see also Zines

—finding aids, 134–45

“Serials and Multiple Versions, or the Inexorable Trend toward Work-Level Displays” 160–78

Simpson, Betsy, 146–52

Subject cataloging


Subject headings

—multiple language forms, 180–89

Swanson, Edward, 69–74, 153–55, 226–28, 000–00


Thesauri, reviews 153–54

“Toward Releasing the Metadata Bottleneck: A Baseline Evaluation of Contributor-Supplied Metadata” 16–28


University of Florida Smathers Library, 146–52

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 134–45

University students, see College students


Wacker, Melanie, 212–25

Weber, Mary Beth, reviews 227–28

Weitz, Jay, reviews 69–70

Whittaker, Beth M., 98–105

Wilson, Amanda J., 16–28

Wolley, Iris, 212–25

WorldCat, see OCLC online catalog


Yates, Sarah, reviews 73–74

“Year’s work” articles, see Literature reviews

Zines, reviews 74