Volume 48, 2004

Compiled by Edward Swanson

General Procedures Used in Compiling the Index

The following types of entries are included:

  1. authors—of articles, reviews, and letters
  2. titles—or articles and of articles about which letters were published
  3. subjects—of articles and of books reviewed

Subject entries for individuals are identified by “( about)”; letters are identified by “( c)”

Reviews are indexed by name of reviewer and by subject of the work reviewed, identified by “( r)”. They are also listed by title under the heading “Books reviewed.” Subject headings are based on: ASIS Thesaurus of Information Science and Librarianship, 2d ed., edited by Jessica L. Milstead (Medford, N.J.: Information Today, 1998).

Paging of Volume 48

Pages 1–88 = Number 1 (January)
Pages 89–160 = Number 2 (April)
Pages 161–232 = Number 3 (July)
Pages 233–312 = Number 4 (October)


academic libraries

art materials in: 144–54;

cataloging in: 107–21;

video recordings in: 107–21

“The Acquisitions Librarian As Change Agent in the Transition to the Electronic Library” 216–26

acquisitions librarians: 213–15, 216–26

“The Administration and Management of Integrated Library Systems: A Survey and Results” 34–47

Alan, Robert: 155–57 ( r)

Antelman, Kristin: 238–55


collection development in, 26–33

“Art in a Medium-Sized University Library: Acquisition, Cataloging, and Access Issues: Challenges and Opportunities” 144–54

art materials: 144–54

Association for Library Collections & Technical Services: 4–11, 236–37

“Association for Library Collections and Technical Services Annual Report 2002/2003” 4–11

“Association for Library Collections & Technical Services Annual Report, 2003–2004” 236–37

Atkinson, Ross: 213–15, 216–26

audiovisual materials

cataloging, 86–87 ( r)


Baker, Whitney: 179–190

Bangalore, Nirmala S.: 48–58

Barnes, Tamika: 78–79 ( r), 87 ( r)

Bazirjian, Rosann: 34–47

Beall, Jeffrey: 92–101

Benedetti, Susannah: 144–54

bibliographic data

automation of, 165–78

bibliographic entities: 79–80 ( r);

identity as serial publications: 238–55;

relationships: 130–43

bibliographic identity: 238–55

bibliographic records

errors in, 92–101;

quality control: 92–101

Blixrud, Julia C.: 157–58 ( r)

“Book Reviews” 78–88, 155–60, 228–32, 305–9


arrangement: 231–32 ( r), see also classification;

circulation, 256–62

Books reviewed

The Audiovisual Cataloging Current (Roe, ed.): 86–87

Cataloging Sheet Maps: The Basics (Andrew): 229–31

Cataloging Sheet Music: Guidelines for Use with AACR2 and the MARC Format (Schultz and Shaw, comps. and eds.): 229–31

CORC: New Tools and Possibilities for Cooperative Electronic Resource Description (Calhoun and Riemer, eds.): 87–88

E-Serials Cataloging: Access to Continuing and Integrating Resources via the Catalog and the Web (Cole and Jones, eds.): 305–6

E-Serials Collection Management: Transitions, Tends, and Technicalities (Fowler, ed.): 306–8

Electronic Expectations: Science Journals on the Web (Stankus): 87

The Enduring Library: Technology, Tradition, and the Quest for Balance (Gorman): 308–9

Engineering Libraries: Building Collections and Delivering Services (Conkling and Mosser, eds.): 78–79

Expectations of Librarians in the 21st Century (Bridges, ed.): 159–60

High-Level Subject Access: Tools and Techniques in Internet Cataloging (Ahronheim, ed.): 82–83

A History of Information Storage and Retrieval (Stockwell): 88

Introduction to Technical Services for Library Technicians (Kao): 80–81

ISBD(CR): International Standard Bibliographic Description for Serials and Other Continuing Resources: 157–58

ISSN Manual—Cataloguing Part: 157–58

Issues for Libraries and Information Science in the Internet Age (Shuman): 81–82

The LCSH Century: One Hundred Years with the Library of Congress Subject Headings System (Stone, ed.): 232

The Librarian’s Guide to Intellectual Property in the Digital Age: Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks (Wherry): 83–84

Lunacy and the Arrangement of Books (Belanger): 231–32

Making Waves: New Serials Landscapes in a Sea of Change—Proceedings of the North American Serials Interest Group (Harmon, Fiander, and Griffin, eds.): 155–57

Metadata and Organizing Educational Resources on the Internet (Greenberg, ed.): 84–86

Metadata Fundamentals for All Librarians (Caplan): 84–86

NASIG 2001: A Serials Odyssey (Scheiberg and Neville, eds.): 155–57

The Strategic Stewardship of Cultural Resources: To Preserve and Protect: Papers from the Library of Congress Symposium (Merrill, ed.): 228–29

Transforming Serials: The Revolution Continues: The 2002 North American Serials Interest Group Conference (Scheiberg and Neville, eds.): 155–57

Works As Entities for Information Retrieval (Smiraglia, ed.): 79–80

Bothmann, Robert: 12–19

Brown, Christopher C.: 69–76


cartographic materials, see also maps

cataloging, see also copy cataloging;

audiovisual materials, 86–87 ( r);

continuing resources, 157–58 ( r);

electronic books, 12–19;

electronic serials, 305–6 ( r);

serial publications, 157–58 ( r);

standards, 157–58 ( r);

study and teaching, 59–68

“Cataloging and Metadata in North American LIS Programs” 59–68

cataloging departments

use of World Wide Web in, 48–58

“Cataloging Electronic Books” 12–19

“Cataloging Practices and Access Methods for Videos at ARL and Public Libraries in the United States” 107–21

catalogs, see library catalogs

chronological subdivisions

in subject headings, 199–212

“Chronological Terms and Period Subdivisions in LCSH, RAMEAU, and RSWK: Development of an Integrative Model for Time Retrieval across Various Online Catalogs” 199–212

“A Circulation Analysis of Print Books and E-Books in an Academic Research Library” 256–62

citation analysis: 102–6

“Citation Analysis of Education Dissertations for Collection Development” 102–6

classification, see also Cutter’s Expansive Classification

collection development: 26–33;

bibliography, 273–99;

education materials, 102–6

“Collection Development and Maintenance across Libraries, Archives, and Museums: A Novel Collaborative Approach” 26–33

“Collection Development Embraces the Digital Age: A Review of the Literature, 1997–2003” 273–99

Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries: 69–76

Committee on Institutional Cooperation Center for Library Initiatives: 34–47

condition studies

of library materials, 263–72

Connaway, Lynn Silipigni: 256–62

continuing resources

cataloging, 157–58 ( r); see also serial publications

“The Contracting World of Cutter’s Expansive Classification” 122–29

Cooperative Online Resource Catalog: 87–88 ( r)

copy cataloging: 92–101

copyright: 83–84 ( r)

CORC, see Cooperative Online Resource Catalog

“Criteria for Replacing Print Journals with Online Journal Resources: The Importance of Sustainable Access” 300–4

Crump, Michele J.: 20–25

Cutter’s Expansive Classification: 122–30


Duke University Libraries: 256–62


e-books, see electronic books

“Editorial” 3, 91, 163, 265+

education materials

cataloging, 84–86 ( r),

collection development, 102–6;

use of metadata for, 84–86 ( r)

Edwards, Phillip M.: 26–33

“The Effectiveness of Copy Cataloging at Eliminating Typographical Errors in Shared Bibliographic Records” 92–101

electronic books: cataloging, 12–19; use studies, 256–62

electronic publications, see also electronic books, electronic serials; cataloging: 87–88 ( r)

electronic serials: 87 ( r), 306–8 ( r); access through online public access catalogs, 69–76; aggregator services, 69–76; cataloging, 305–6 ( r); ; see also online journal publications, serial publications

engineering libraries: 78–79 ( r)

“Evaluative Study of Catalog Department Web Pages” 48–58


FRBR, see Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records

Friesen, Betsy: 87–88 ( r)

Frommeyer, Jutta: 199–212

Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: 130–43;

for serial publications, 238–55


“Gold Rush: Integrated Access to Aggregated Journal Text through the OPAC” 69–76

Gold Rush (Database): 69–76


Haycock, Laurel A.: 102–6

Hayes, Sherman: 144–54

Ho, Jeannette: 107–21

Hsieh-Yee, Ingrid: 59–68

“The Hybrid Conservator: Challenges in a Research Library Environment” 179–190


“Identifying the Serial Work As a Bibliographic Entity” 238–55

information storage and retrieval

history, 88 ( r)

integrated library systems: administration of, 34–47

intellectual property

law, 83–84 ( r)

interinstitutional cooperation: 26–33

International Standard Bibliographic Description for Serials and Other Continuing Resources: 157–58 ( r)

International Standard Serials Number: 157–58 ( r)


subject access to, 82–83 ( r)

ISBD(CR), see International Standard Bibliographic Description for Serials and Other Continuing Resources

ISSN, see International Standard Serials Number


Johnson, Peggy: 3, 91, 163, 235+; 3 (port.), 91 (port.), 163 (port.), 235 (port.)


Kafadar, Karen: 92–101

Kennedy, Marie R.: 20–25

Kiker, Douglas: 20–25

Kiser, Teresa: 191–199


Landesman, Betty: 159–60 ( r), 306–8 ( r)

“Learning from the Past” 213–26

LeBoeuf, Patrick: 79–80 ( r)

librarians: 159–60 ( r)


automation, 81–82 ( r);

collection development, 26–33

library catalogs, see also online public access catalogs

library materials

condition studies, 263–72

Library of Congress Subject Headings

chronological subdivisions in, 199–212;

history, 232 ( r)

library science

study and teaching, 59–68

licensing agreements

management of, 20–25

linking entry fields in MARC format: 130–43

Littman, Justin: 256–62


Madison, Olivia M. A.: 4–11; 4 (port.)

Majors, Rice: 80–81 ( r)

“Mapping MARC 21 Linking Entry Fields to FRBR and Tillett’s Taxonomy of Bibliographic Relationships” 130–43


cataloging, 229–32 ( r)

MARC 21 format

linking entries in, 130–43;

roblems with, 165–78

McCann, Steve: 81–82 ( r)

McIlwaine, I. C.: 82–83 ( r)

McIlwaine, John: 228–29 ( r)

Meagher, Elizabeth S. 69–76

metadata: 84–86 ( r);

study and teaching, 59–68;

use for education materials, 84–86 ( r)

Miller, David: 231–32 ( r)

Mugridge, Rebecca L.: 305–6 ( r)

Mundle, Kavita: 48–58


collection development: 26–33

music materials, see also sheet music


NASIG, see North American Serials Interest Group

“New Perpectives on the Shared Cataloging Environment and a MARC 21 Shopping List” 165–178

North American Serials Interest Group: 155–57 ( r)

“Notes on Operations” 69–77, 144–54, 300–4


OCLC Online Computer Library Center, see also Cooperative Online Resource Catalog

online journal publications

vs. print versions, 300–4

online public access catalogs

access to electronic serials, 69–76;

subject access in, 199–212

OPACs, see online public access catalogs


“Paper to PDF: Making License Agreements Accessible through the OPAC” 20–25

patents: 83–84 ( r)

PDF, see portable document format

Peterson, Karrie: 83–84 ( r)

Phillips, Linda L.: 273–99

portable document format: use with online public access catalogs, 20–25

preservation librarians: 179–90

preservation of library materials: 179–90; 228–29 ( r)

public libraries: cataloging in: 107–21; video recordings in, 107–21


Quam, Eileen: 84–86 ( r)



chronological subdivisions in, 199–212

“Reflection on ‘The Acquisitions Librarian as Change Agent in the Transition to the Electronic Library’” 213–15

Regeln für Schlagwortkatalog

chronological subdivisions in, 199–212

Répertoire d’Autorité Matière Encyclopédique et Alphabétique Unifié, see RAMEAU

Reser, David: 86–87 ( r)

Rice, Dea Miller: 263–72

Riva, Pat: 130–43

RSWK, see Regeln für Schlagwortkatalog


Schottlaender, Brian E. C.: 236–37; 236 (port.)

science journals, see also science publications

science publications

on World Wide Web, 87 ( r);

serial publications

as bibliographic entities, 238–55;

bibliographic identity of, 238–55;

cataloging, 157–58 ( r);

print vs. online versions, 300–4;

standards, 157–58 ( r);

see also electronic serials, zines

serials librarians

societies, etc., 155–57 ( r)

sheet music

cataloging, 229–32 ( r)

St. Lawrence University: 300–4

Starmer, Mary Ellen: 263–72

Stoddart, Richard A.: 191–199

subject cataloging

of Internet resources, 82–83 ( r);

see also classification, subject headings

subject headings

chronological subdivisions in, 199–212;

history, 232 ( r);

see also Library of Congress Subject Headings, RAMEAU, Regeln für Schlagwortkatalog

“Surveying the Stacks: Collecting Data and Analyzing Results with SPSS” 263–72

Swanson, Edward: 78–88, 155–60, 228–32, 305–9, 310–12; 229–31 ( r), 232 ( r)


technical services: 80–81 ( r)

technology in libraries: 308–9 ( r)

Tillett, Barbara: 131–43

trademarks: 83–84 ( r)

typographical errors

in bibliographic records, 92–101


University of Florida Libraries: 20–25

University of Tennessee Libraries: 263–72

use studies

of electronic books, 256–62


video recordings

cataloging, 107–21


Walters, William H.: 300–4

Web sites, see World Wide Web

Wheeler, William J.: 88 ( r)

Williams, Sara R.: 273–99

Winke, R. Conrad: 122–29

Wool, Gregory: 308–9 ( r)

works, see bibliographic entities

World Wide Web

science publications on: 87 ( r);

subject access, 82–83 ( r);

use in cataloging departments, 48–58

Wu, Annie: 144–54


Yee, Martha M.: 165–178


Zhao, Lisa: 48–58

zines: 191–99

“Zines and the Library” 191–99