Index to Volume 41, 1997

Compiled by Edward Swanson

Editor's Note: Due to a production error, the index for Volume 41 that was published in the October 1997 issue of LRTS (and subsequently used for producing an earlier edition of this Web page) was the preliminary version, not the final version. It had been prepared before the October issue was in final form, and Mr. Swanson had not had an opportunity to review and update the index based on the final form of the October issue. We regret this error and apologize to Mr. Swanson for its occurrence. The correct version of the index appears below, revised here on March 18, 1998.

Paging of Volume 41

Pages 1–72 = Number 1 (January)
Pages 73–172 = Number 2 (April)
Pages 173–276 = Number 3 (July)
Pages 277–356 = Number 4 (October)

Academic libraries

___Mutilation of materials in: 7–16

___Use of paraprofessional staff members in: 205–18

Acquisition of library materials

___Management of: 136–38, 143–45, 155–57

"The Adequacy of the Structure of the National Library of Medicine Classification Scheme for Organizing Pharmacy Literature" 123–35

"Analyzing Search Styles of Patrons and Staff: A Replicative Study of Two University Libraries" 219–35

"Arranging Roots: Classification and Subject Headings for Genealogical Collections" 335–46

Art materials

___Mutilation of: 7–16

Author records

___Arrangement of: 79–100

Authority management: 39–49

Ball State University Libraries: 39–49

Bibliographic relationships: 79–100

Bibliographic works

___Arrangement of in online catalogs: 79–100

Black, Steve: 283–94

Blake, Linda: 335–46

Boissonnas, Christian M.: 147–54

Books reviewed

___ Cataloger's Desktop: 347–49

___ Digital Imaging Technology for Preservation (RLG Symposium, 1994; Elkington, ed.): 158–62

___ Enhancing a New Design for Subject Access to Online Catalogs (Drabenstott): 60–67

___ Geographic Information Systems and Libraries (Annual Clinic on Library Applications of Data Processing, 32d; Smith and Gluck, eds.): 67–70

___ Information Services for Innovative Organizations (Maguire, Kazlauskas, and Weir): 58–60

___ Preservation Management (Feather, Matthews, and Eden): 162–64

___ RLG Digital Image Access Project (RLG Symposium, 1995; McClung, ed.): 158–62

___ Scholarship in the New Information Environment (RLG Symposium, 1995; Hughes, ed.): 158–62

___ Selecting Library and Archive Collections for Digital Reformatting (RLG Symposium, 1995; Erway, ed.): 158–62

___ Serials Management (Chen): 164–66

___ Testing a New Design for Subject Analysis to Online Catalogs (Drabenstott and Weller): 60–67

___ Using Subject Headings for Online Retrieval (Drabenstott and Vizine–Goetz): 60–67

Brogdon, Jennie L.: 323–24

California Newspaper Project: 236–53

Call, J. Randolph: 155–57

Call numbers

___Acceptance of on cataloging copy: 29–38

Carlyle, Allyson: 79–100, 273 ( c), 350–51 ( c)


___By paraprofessional staff: 205–18

___Costs: 29–38

"Celebrating C. Sumner Spalding" 274–75

Chan, Lois Mai: 295–322

Chang, Sherry S.: 50–57

"Change and Decay" 143–45

"Changing Acquisitions at Detroit Public Library" 155–57

"Changing Roles: Original Cataloging by Paraprofessionals in ARL Libraries" 205–18

"Chemistry Journal Use and Cost: Results of a Longitudinal Study" 101–11, 350 ( c)

Chemistry materials

___Costs: 101–11

___Use studies: 101–11

Chrzastowski, Tina E.: 101–11, 350 ( c)

City University of New York, Baruch College: 139–42


___Genealogical materials: 335–46

___Pharmacy materials: 123–35

Collection analysis: 50–57

"A Comparison of Pre– and Post–Cataloging Authority Control" 39–49

"Consortium Use of the OCLC/AMIGOS Collection Analysis CD: The SUNY Experience" 50–57

"Converting Wade–Giles Cataloging to Pinyin: The Development and Implementation of a Conversion Program for the Australian National CJK Service" 254–63

Conway, Paul: 158–62 ( r)

Cooperative cataloging

___Saudi Arabia: 264–72

"Cooperative Cataloging: Prospects and Problems for Libraries in Saudi Arabia" 264–72

Copyright status

___Determining for preservation purposes: 323–34

Cornell University: 147–54

Crotteau, Mark: 350 ( c)

"Cutting Cataloging Costs: Accepting LC Classification Call Numbers from OCLC Cataloging Copy" 29–38

"Data Entry and the Economy of Offshore Information Production" 112–22

Data entry industry: 112–22

"Database Design for Preservation Project Management: The California Newspaper Project" 236–53

Daugherty, Robert Allen: 172 (c)

Demas, Samuel: 323–34

"Determining Copyright Status for Preservation and Access: Defining Reasonable Effort" 323–34

Detroit Public Library: 155–57

Digital imaging: 158–62 ( r)

Dodd, David C.: 172 ( c)

Dole, Wanda V.: 50–57

Duchin, Douglas: 139–42

Duke, Jolen K.: 347–49 ( r)

Ellis, Steven: 112–22

"Errors and Obsolete Elements in Assigned Library of Congress Subject Headings: Implications for Subject Cataloging and Subject Authority Control" 295–322

Filing order

___In online catalogs: 79–100

Form/Genre terms: 190–204

Frangakis, Evelyn: 167–68

"From Access Points to Materials: A Transaction Log Analysis of Access Point Value for Online Catalog Users" (Wyly, July 1996): 172 (c)

"From Citation to Piece in Hand: The Search for Efficiency in Accessing Monographic Series" 179–89

"Fulfilling the Second Objective in the Online Catalog: Schemes for Organizing Author and Work Records into Usable Displays" 79–100, 273 ( erratum), 350 ( c), 350–51 ( c)

Geer, Beverley: 164–66 ( r)

Genealogical materials

___Classification of: 335–46

___Subject headings for: 335–46

Geographic information systems: 67–70 ( r)

Gossen, Eleanor: 17–28

Gozzi, Cynthia: 136–38

Graham, Crystal: 350 ( c)

"Grass–Roots Cataloging and Classification: Food for Thought from World Wide Web Subject–Oriented Hierarchical Lists" (Dodd, July 1996): 172 ( erratum)

Greever, Karen E.: 39–49

Groom, Linda: 254–63

Hayman, Lynne M.: 236–53

Hiatt, Robert M.: 274–75

"Identical in Appearance but Not in Actuality: Headings Shared by a Subject–Access and a Form/Genre Access Authority List" 180–204

"In Memoriam: Susan Garretson Swartzburg (1938–1996)" 167–68

Information services: 58–60 ( r)

"Instructions for Authors" 71–72

Interlibrary loan: 17–28

"Journal Collection Analysis at a Liberal Arts College" 283–94

Kaczor, Sue: 17–28

Khurshid, Zahiruddin: 264–72

Kingsley, Peter: 143–45

Lang, Mary S.: 219–35

Leazer, Gregory H.: 58–70, 158–66, 347–49

Library of Congress subject headings

___Errors in assignment of: 295–322

___Obsolete elements of: 295–322

Lopez–Mertz, Elsa M.: 123–35

Maddox, Anthony B.: 58–60 (r)

Malinconico, S. Michael: 29–38

"Managing Acquisitions in a Changing Environment: From Coping to Control" 136–38

"Managing Technical Services in a Changing Environment: The Cornell Experience" 147–54

Massey, Susan A.: 29–38

Miller, David: 180–204

Mohr, Deborah A.: 205–18

Monographic series

___Access to: 179–89

"Monographs Acquisitions: Staffing Costs and the Impact of Automation" (Morris, Rebaracak, and Rowley, Dec. 1996): 169–71 ( erratum)

"Moving Right Along: Changes in Staffing, Functions, Workstation Setup, and Personnel" 139–42

Mutilation of library materials: 7–16

National Library of Australia: 254–63

National Library of Medicine classification: 123–35

New York University: 143–45


___Preservation of: 236–53

"Notes on Operations" 50–57, 136–57, 236–72, 335–46

OCLC bibliographic records: 29–38

OCLC/AMIGOS Collection Analysis CD: 50–57

Ogden, Sherelyn: 162–64 (r)

Olesko, Brian M.: 101–11

Olszak, Lydia: 7–16

Online catalogs

___Displays in: 79–100

___Filing order in: 79–100

___Searching in: 219–35

___Subject access in: 60–67 ( r)

Paraprofessional staff members

___Use of for cataloging: 205–18

Paris Principles: 79–100

Pharmacy materials

___Classification of: 123–35

Pinyin romanization scheme

___Conversion from Wade–Giles: 254–63

Preservation of library materials: 158–62 ( r)

___Management ofþGreat Britain: 162–64 ( r)

___Use of databases in: 236–53

Ray, Kathlin L.: 219–35

Schuneman, Anita: 205–18

Science materials

___Interlibrary loans of: 17–28

Scilken, Marvin H.: 273 (c)

Serial publications: 165–66 ( r)

___Analysis of collections of: 283–94

___Costs: 101–11

___Use studies: 101–11, 283–94

Series, see Monographic series

Shemberg, Marian: 179–89

Smith, Elizabeth H.: 7–16

Spalding, C. Sumner: 274–75 ( about)

Stallings, Evelyn T.: 335–46

State University of New York: 50–57

State University of New York, University at Albany: 17–28

Subject access

___In online catalogs: 60–67 ( r)

Subject headings: 190–204

___Genealogical materials: 335–46

Swanson, Edward: 352–55

Swartzburg, Susan Garretson: 167–68 ( about)

Technical services departments

___Management of: 139–42, 147–54

Transaction log studies: 219–35

"Treatment of Mutilated Art Books: A Survey of Academic ARL Libraries" 7–16

University of Alabama Libraries: 29–38

University of North Carolina at Charlotte: 136–38

University of the Pacific: 219–35

"Variation in Interlibrary Loan Use by University of Albany Science Departments" 17–28

Vizine–Goetz, Diane: 295–322

Wade–Giles romanization scheme

___Conversion to Pinyin: 254–63

Weinberg, Bella Hass: 60–67 ( r)

Wiberley, Stephen E., Jr.: 172 ( c)

Workstations: 139–42

Zimmerman, Ann: 67–70 ( r)