Sudden Selectors Guide to Business Resources

business resources

by Robin Bergart and Vivian Lewis

Selectors gain most of their knowledge on the job, which might provide some small comfort to those librarians who find themselves plunged into the world of business, perhaps even unexpectedly. The purpose of this book is to help the sudden selector through the first few months of a new position. It is a guide to becoming a competent selector of business resources and all that it entails: joining associations, finding mentors, monitoring electronic discussion lists, and of course, learning how to select materials for your business librarians with solid advice on learning user information needs, building a network of colleagues, becoming familiar with their collection, and getting equipped with effective selection tools.

This "Sudden Selector" guide is part of a new series from the Collection Management and Development Section (CMDS) of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) division of the American Library Association. The series is designed to help library workers become acquainted with the tools, resources, people, and organizations that can help them develop collections in new or unfamiliar subject areas.

Published by: ALCTS |  ©2007 | 6" x 9"

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