Guide to Licensing and Acquiring Electronic Information

ALCTS Acquisitions Guidelines Series, No. 13

by Stephen Bosch, Patricia A. Promis, and Chris Sugnet with contributions by Trisha Davis ISBN: 0-8108-5259-4

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This guide provides direction and suggestions for the selection, acquisition, and licensing of electronic materials for libraries. The steps involved in the process of purchasing most of the existing electronic formats presently available are clearly delineated. Issues from policy concerns, through access and ownership, to licensing and the role of consortia are all covered. Specialized sets of considerations not previously weighed when selecting purchasing material in more traditional formats are included as well as a sample set of licensing guidelines. The authors also include an extensive bibliography and webliography, both organized by subject, and conclude with an extensive glossary of high-tech terms commonly used in the library world when referring to electronic formats. 

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    Bosch, Stephen, et al., Guide to Selecting and Acquiring CD-ROMS, Software, and Other Electronic Publications, ALCTS Acquisitions Guidelines Series No 8; 1994; ALA Editions; ISBN: 0-8389-0629-X.