Guidelines for ALCTS Members to Supplement the American Library Association Code of Ethics, 1994

The following guidelines are to assist ALCTS members in the interpretation and application of the ALA Code of Ethics as it applies to issues of concern to ALCTS.

Within the context of the institution's missions and programs and the needs of the user populations served by the library an ALCTS member:

  1. strives to develop a collection of materials within collection policies and priorities;
  2. strives to provide broad and unbiased access to information;
  3. strives to preserve and conserve the materials in the library in accordance with established priorities and programs;
  4. develops resource sharing programs to extend and enhance the information sources available to library users;
  5. promotes the development and application of standards and professional guidelines;
  6. establishes a secure and safe environment for staff and users;
  7. fosters and promotes fair, ethical and legal trade and business practices;
  8. maintains equitable treatment and confidentiality in competitive relations and manuscript and grant reviews;
  9. supports and abides by any contractual agreements made by the library or its home institution in regard to the provision of or access to information resources, acquisition of services, and financial arrangements.

Developed by the ALCTS Task Force on Professional Ethics; adopted by the ALCTS Board of Directors, Midwinter Meeting, February 7, 1994.