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Social Networking Preservation Awareness at Duke

Among the first of its kind to use social networking technologies for outreach and education in preservation, Duke University Libraries' preservation and conservation program has created a Web presence using Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

Preserving Coal Mining Heritage

Extraordinary community collaboration preserves Illinois mining town's history and family histories and makes them available to a worldwide audience.

Preservation in Tropical Climates

Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Joseph F. Smith LibraryOur library does not have a preservation department, but the need for standards and practices that prolong the life of our resources is real, especially in a tropical climate. During Preservation week, we set up a manned exhibit with "dos and don'ts" of care for library and personal materials, focusing on specific target areas of preservation (i.e., light, moisture, pollutants, temperature, pests). Patrons aimed at a dart board constructed out of named Preservation targets and won prizes if they could tell us a little of what they learned from the booth. Librarians and student workers sported lab coats and goggles as an avenue to talk about acidity of paper, and about the process of deterioration. Success! --Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Joseph F. Smith Library





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