ALCTS Library of Congress Action Plan Task Force

Charge: The Task Force is charged with reviewing the Library of Congress’ action plan: “Bibliographic Control of Web Resources” and recommend with action items are suitable for ALCTS to develop in partnership with the Library of Congress. These recommendations must be approved by the ALCTS Executive Committee and the Library of Congress. The task force is further charged to determine work assignments and charge the appropriate ALCTS group with the work. If there is none, the task group may create a task group to address the issue. The task force will provide progress reports to the ALCTS Executive Committee and the Library of Congress four times each year: after midwinter and annual conferences and at one point between conferences. The task force will be reviewed in 3 years to determine whether work should continue on this endeavor. Membership: 1 Chair, 4 Members and 1 Liaison to LC, appointed by LC.

This task force is currently inactive.