Task Force to Convene a Meeting with Library Educators


Plan and convene an initial meeting with LIS educators and ALCTS members involved in training to discuss new and changing policies, procedures and practices in bibliographic control. The initial meeting is to take place at or immediately prior to ALA midwinter 2012.insure that a mechanism (planning process and personnel) is established so that meetings continue at least biennially at subsequent ALA Midwinter Meetings in 2014, 2016, etc. This charge stems from recommendation of the LCWG report. At http://www.loc.gov/bibliographic-future/news/lcwg-ontherecord-jan08-final.pdf.


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Final Report (March 2012)


The task force consists of three members led by two cochairs.

Subcommitees and Task Forces

The task force consists of three members led by two cochairs.


Established in October 2010 at the request of the ALCTS Board.

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ALA values committed and active committee members. Members of this task force were appointed by the ALCTS board for this specific task.

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Charles Wilt
ALCTS Executive Director
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