Preservation & Reformatting Section (PARS)

This section of ALCTS focuses on:

  1. the preservation and reformatting of library materials in all types of institutions
  2. applying new technologies to ensure continued access to library collections.


Manages the activities of the Preservation and Reformatting Section.

Identifies suitable nominees, contacts prospective candidates, and submits a slate to the Executive Committee to approve the candidates.

Program, Planning, & Publications
Is responsible for drafting annual and long-range goals for the section and coordinating the activities of all section committees related to preservation education, publication, and program planning.

Preservation Standards & Practices
Promotes appropriate methods and materials for preserving library materials in all formats; identifies relevant information regarding standards, recommended practices, and technical reports; and coordinates similar activities inside and outside of PARS.

Preservation Outreach Committee
Develops, facilitates, maintains, and expands preservation focused outreach and service on behalf of ALCTS and PARS through the Preservation Week and Preservation in Action initiatives.

Liaisons & Representatives

PARS liaisons and representatives facilitate communication between the section and division-level committees. | roster

Interest Groups

Book and Paper IG
Fosters discussion of issues pertaining to the preservation and continuing role of books, paper-based materials, and other tangible artifacts in collections.

Digital Conversion IG
Discusses digitization, preservation, and access of print, audio, photographic, and moving image materials, as well as the migration, preservation, and access of born digital collections, including web-based and software-based materials.

Digital Preservation IG
Offers mini hot-topic presentations at each Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting.

Preservation Administration IG
Provides a forum for discussing issues and developments in preservation administration.

Preservation Metadata IG
Organizes speakers to discuss preservation metadata topics of interest to the group; evaluates and documents practices related to preservation metadata standards; encourages and recognizes innovation and motivates practitioners to adopt new and improved practices.

Promoting Preservation IG
Advocates for the preservation of cultural heritage materials; promotes the understanding of preservation principles and objectives, development of preservation skill sets, and cultivation of potential preservation funding sources.

Working Groups

New Members WG
Reaches out to new PARS members between Annual Conference and Midwinter Meetings.

Oral History Project WG
Plans a viable program and procedures for an oral history project capturing interviews with preservation professionals.

Web WG
Facilitates and maintains the online presence of the section.