ALCTS Award Juries

Each award is administered by a jury appointed annually by the ALCTS Board or by the sponsoring section board.

Each jury begins its work at the Annual Conference preceding the Annual Conference at which the award is to be made. Each jury has a procedure manual which outlines the specific guidelines for handling that particular award.

Each jury is responsible for:

  • Reviewing nominations and selecting winners according to the guidelines for the award;
  • Reporting the name(s) of the winner(s) to the ALCTS Board at the Midwinter Meeting prior to the Annual Conference at which the award is to be presented;
  • Carrying out other duties of the jury as outlined in its manual;
  • Maintaining liaison and communication with the ALCTS Board on matters of mutual concern;
  • Maintaining and keeping its procedure manual current.

Contact the current ALCTS president elect or the appropriate section chair-elect for more information on how to become part of an award jury.