The following links and resources provide valuable information about the responsibilities and duties of committee chairs and other leaders within ALCTS. 


Tips for ALCTS Leaders

Preparing to lead

What is your term of service?

  • Starting after the Annual Conference, committee chairs serve for one year. Members serve for two years and interns for one.

Talk to the ALCTS staff 

Contact previous leaders of your group, especially at the beginning of your term

  • Previous chairs and current ALCTS leaders can be very helpful and can provide you with administrative information and advice.

Take advantage of ALA Connect

  • You can post information and documents to share with members of your group or committee. ALA staff will help you if you’re new to Connect.
  • ALCTS Division Chairs have their own Connect space.

Communicating with your group

Welcome committee members and facilitate introductions

  • New Chairs should start communications early. Start after Annual and follow up in September.
  • Facilitate introductions among the committee. For example, request members share short bios via the listserv.

Respond to emails

  • Understand that some people need more time to respond to emails. If you are one of those people, and you find you cannot respond substantively right away, let the person know you received their message and will respond as soon as you can.

Phone calls work, too

  • Connect via phone if you are having trouble reaching a committee member.

Doing the work


  • Delegate and share in the work. Most of the work is done long-distance between meetings. Be flexible and participate.

Hold virtual meetings

  • If your group doesn’t meet in person (such as award juries), connect with your group via ALA Connect, email, or virtual meetings.
  • If your group does meet in person, you can also hold virtual meetings between conferences to facilitate group work.

Plan ahead for Midwinter and Annual

  • Make sure you understand meeting arrangements for Midwinter and Annual. Deadlines are set by ALA and ALCTS and must be followed.

If someone resigns…

  • If a committee member resigns, notify the ALCTS President and section chair immediately.

Say thank you

  • Express your appreciation for your committee members and all the work that they do.