How to Report on Your Event

ALCTS groups must report back to the division on the work they do at Annual or Midwinter. Reports are posted to ALAIR.

Please submit your report using an online form or as an attachment to an email to the ALCTS News Editor.

Online Report Forms

When you submit your report online, copies will be automatically distributed to the office, the planning committee chair, and the newsletter editor.

Please Note: The online forms cannot be saved and returned to in another session, so please compose your report before you begin the form. You can paste in text from another file. Upon completion of the form you will receive an email containing your submission.

Email Attachment Forms

If submitting your report electronically is not possible,

  1. use these Word format templates.
  2. save your report as “MIYYreport-xxxxxxxx.doc,” where:
    • MI = meeting initial, either MW (ALA Midwinter Meeting) or AC (ALA Annual Conference)
    • YY = last two digits of the year
    • xxxxxxxx = the acronym or shortened name of your group
  3. attach the form to an email with the filename of your report in the subject line and
  4. send to

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the ALCTS office at the above email or 1-800-545-2433 ext. 5030.