Continuing Resources (CRS)

This section of ALCTS

  • develops theory and practice concerning continuing resources in all formats
  • initiates and supports studies, reports, discussions and publications
  • encourages specialized education, programming, and training for practitioners in the fields of continuing resources management
  • coordinates the activities about continuing resources in all formats

What Is a Continuing Resource?

A continuing resource is a publication in any physical or electronic format that is intended to be issued with no set ending, and generally carries numbering, dates or both. Serials and integrating resources are types of continuing resources. Serials are issued in separate parts, while integrating resources do not have separate issues. One of the main criteria that differentiate continuing resources from monographic resources is the publisher's intention. Watch this video to learn more:

video script


Addresses serials topics in the area of acquisitions.

Committee on Holdings Information
Addresses and studies matters relating to union lists of serials, with special attention to evaluating trends or developing standards.

Continuing Resources Cataloging
Identifies, discusses, and proposes solutions to problems related to serials cataloging.

Education, Research, and Publications Coordinating
A resource and think tank for education, research, publications, and program planning for the Continuing Resources section.

Coordinates activities of all CRS committees and interest groups with respect to continuing resources.

Nominates candidates for elective offices of the section.

Policy & Planning
Reviews CRS structure and activities, considers long-range section goals and objectives, and recommends new activities to be undertaken by CRS.

Participates in creating and revising information-related standards and related best practices and guidelines, gives input on ISO and NISO technical standards and recommended practices, and offers forums for the continuing resources community about developing and revised standards.

Liaisons & Representatives

CRS liaisons and representatives facilitate communication between the section and division-level committees. | more

Interest Groups

Access to Continuing Resources IG
Informal forum for presenting and discussing current issues and concerns relating to equitable access to journals. Disbanded in October 2018.

College & Research Libraries IG
Informal forum for presenting and discussing current issues and concerns of those interested in serials in research libraries.

Award Juries

First Step Award Jury

Ulrich's Serials Librarianship Award Jury