Collection Management Section (CMS)

This section supports library professionals who perform collection management and development while selecting and evaluating all types of library materials in all types of institutions.


AS/CMS Joint Continuing Education (New)
Supports educational efforts in the areas of acquisitions and collection management.

Promotes activities related to collection management and development, and selection and evaluation of library materials in all formats, for all types of libraries.

Nominates candidates for elective offices of the section.

Clearinghouse for activities and ideas relating to collection management.

Initiates new or revised publications and reviews, advises on, and approves publication proposals and draft manuscripts that come from the section.

Liaisons & Representatives

CMS liaisons and representatives facilitate communication between the section and division-level committees. | Roster of Liaisons

Interest Groups

Collection Development Issues for the Practitioner IG
Identifies the forces of change in the development and management of library collections as they affect the individual selector and as they contribute to the selector's ability to address and manage these changes.

Collection Development Librarians of Academic Libraries IG
Provides a discussion forum for issues in collection development and collection management by academic and research libraries.

Collection Management in Public Libraries IG
Provides a discussion forum for library professionals who are interested in selection, collection development, and collection management in public libraries of all sizes.

Chief Collection Development Officers IG
Forum for discussing the various collection development and collection management issues of concern to large research libraries and for exchanging information on new developments, techniques, and problems in managing the development of library collections.

Collection Evaluation and Assessment IG
Dedicated to quantitative measures based on commonly defined data; managing information resources and developing institutional benchmarking; exploring, developing, and promoting the use of both descriptive data and outcomes/impacts data.

Collection Management & Electronic Resources IG
Addresses issues related to collection management and development of electronic resources, their funding, and selection.

Award Jury

ProQuest Coutts Award for Innovation

Section News

In June 2011 a new structure and mission were implemented and the name changed from Collection Management and Development Section to the Collection Management Section (CMS).

Restructuring Documents

CMDS Structure | Restructuring FAQ

Background information (Jan. 4, 2010) (.pdf 86kb) | Proposed structure (Jan. 4 2010) (.pdf 60kb)