Acquisitions Section

This section is dedicated to acquisition and associated bibliographic control for all formats of information resources through purchase, lease, and other access methods and in all types of libraries.


  • Executive
    The Executive Committee leads the Acquisitions Section.
  • AS/CMS Joint Continuing Education (New)
    Supports educational efforts in the areas of acquisitions and collection management.
  • Nominating
    Nominates candidates for elective offices of the section.
  • Programming and Research (New)
    Proposes and coordinates programming that reflects the section’s interests.
  • Policy and Planning
    Coordinates the policy and planning activities of the Acquisition Section.
  • Publications
    Develops and reviews publications by identifying appropriate topics for new publications (including the Acquisition Guides Series).

Liaisons & Representatives

AS liaisons and representatives facilitate communication between the section and division-level committees. | roster

Interest Group

Award Jury

Statement on Principles and Standards of Acquisitions Practice

Gives first consideration to the missions, objectives and policies of their institution; strives to ensure good stewardship and maximum value of the institution's resources; regards each transaction on its own merits and grants all competing vendors equal consideration insofar as the established policies of their library permit; conducts all dealings according to fair, ethical, and legal business practices and fosters such conduct in others; declines gifts or other arrangements that may result, or be perceived to result, in personal gain or inappropriately influence decisions; observes intellectual property rights and freedom of information/protection of privacy rights and responsibilities, including contractual confidentiality requirements; accords a prompt and courteous reception to all who call on legitimate business and communicates the institution's interests honestly; strives to stay informed and knowledgeable of industry trends and current practices; strives to develop and use practical and efficient methods for the conduct of their responsibilities while incorporating sound fiscal practices; counsels and assists colleagues and fellow acquisitions professionals regarding acquisitions principles and practices, in service to the profession.

Developed by the ALCTS Education Task Force; endorsed by the ALCTS Acquisitions Section and adopted by the ALCTS Board of Directors, Midwinter Meeting, January 25, 2019

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