ALCTS Student Ambassador Program


The mission of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) Student Ambassador Program is to provide library school students and LIS faculty with information on how ALCTS can supplement their classroom experience and support their professional career. This program, which brings together students and faculty with early career practicing librarians, will create long lasting ties with ALCTS and provide the following for program participants: 
  • Exposure to various career opportunities within technical services fields and disciplines 
  • Enrich and enhance leadership and communication skills 
  • Provide opportunities for personal growth and professional development 


Student Ambassadors will act as liaisons between ALCTS and prospective and current students and LIS faculty by engaging in activities that: 
  • Communicate the mission, vision and culture of ALCTS
  • Promote ALCTS services and programs 
  • Encourage membership and participation within ALCTS


  • Required attendance at least one library school function per year 
  • Annual written report on all activities 
  • Forward name and contact information of student and LIS faculty participants to ALCTS Membership Committee Chair(s) 


  • Promote ALCTS to current library students and LIS faculty members 
  • Students and faculty see value in what ALCTS can offer them professionally 
  • Students and faculty view ALCTS as a way to connect with others 
  • Faculty members become ALCTS members 
  • Faculty members become engage in service within ALCTS
  • Students become involved with ALCTS prior to graduation 
  • Students continue ALCTS membership after graduation


  • Add to the ALCTS membership 
  • Look for new possibilities for ALCTS to grow in response to this program

ALCTS Volunteer Profile 

  • Member of ALCTS
  • Must have regular contact with students who have demonstrated an interest in the mission of ALCTS
  • Willingness to promote ALCTS through in-person and/or virtual visits and/or presentations 
  • Able to demonstrate excellent communication skills, especially online and through social media

How to Solicit ALCTS Member Volunteer Participation 

  • Solicit participation through ALCTS web pages, ALA Connect, and mass email 
  • Solicit via ALCTS through lists, blogs, and social media 
  • Request a quarter page ad from LRTS to publicize program 
  • Solicit at Annual and MW conferences 

How to Solicit Student Participation 

  • Receive buy-in from LIS program leaders (teachers and ALA student chapter) 
  • Solicit participation through ALA Student Chapter resources (website, social media, mass email) 
  • Attend student centered conference events 
  • Request time during various 101 conference events