ALCTS Issues

Bibliographic Control: The Future of Cataloging

Cooperative Cataloging (May 2010)

LC Working Group Report

  • ALCTS Recommendations for Action, On the Record: Report of the LC Working Group, April 2008 (.html) | (.pdf) 16 pages
  • Ten Actions for ALCTS to respond to the LC working group report, April 2008 (.html) | (.pdf) 3 pages
  • On the Record: Report of the LC Working Group, final report, Jan. 2008 (.pdf) 49 pages
  • ALCTS Comments on “Report on the Future of Bibliographic Control: Draft for Public Comment, Nov. 30, 2007,” Dec. 2007 (.html)
  • LC Working Group Report on the Future of Bibliographic Control—draft, Nov. 2007 (.pdf) 41 pages
  • Memo accompanying the LC Working Group Report, Nov. 2007 (.pdf) 3 pages
  • Written Testimony for the Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control, Second Public Meeting: Standards and Structures, May 2007 (.pdf) 4 pages

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Series Authority

  • "LC's series decision implementation," Beacher Wiggins post to "Big Heads" discussion list, May 2006 (.html)
  • The Library of Congress decision to cease series authority work ARLIS, May 2006 (.html)
  • FAQ "Big Heads," May 2006 (.html)
  • ALCTS Issues Statement on LC’s Series Authority Record Decision press release, May 2006 (.html)
  • Letter from SLA and AALL to LC, May 2006 (.pdf) 2 pages
  • Letter from ARL to D. Marcum, May 2006 (.html)
  • PCC Statement on LC Series Authority Record Change, Mark Watson, May 2006 (.html)
  • ALA Executive Board Statement: Bibliographic/Cataloging Services at LC, May 2006 (.html)
  • Resolution on the Library of Congress Management's Decision to Cease the Production of Series Authority Records, adopted by the Library of Congress Professional Guild (AFSCME Local 2910) Executive Board, May 2006 (.pdf) 2 pages
  • Letter regarding series authority records D. Marcum, May 2006 (.html)


  • Next Steps: overview, April 2007 (.pdf) 6 pages
  • Basic Values and the Future of Cataloging, presentations from an ALCTS/CCS Forum at ALA Midwinter in Seattle, Jan. 2007 (.html)
  • The “Next Report,” ALCTS and the Future of Bibliographic Control: Challenges, Actions and Values, Jan. 2007 (.pdf) 9 pages
  • ALA's Testimony Regarding the Library of Congress Oversight Hearing Lynne E. Bradley, July 2006 (.html)
  • International Dimensions of Digital Science and Scholarship, D. Marcum (address to the American Association of Research Libraries), May 2006 (.html)
  • The Changing Nature of the Catalog and Its Integration with Other Discovery Tools, draft 2B, Karen Calhoun, March 2006 (.pdf) 51 pages
  • A White Paper on the Future of Cataloging at Indiana University, Jackie Byrd et al., Jan. 2006 (.pdf) 31 pages
  • Rethinking How We Provide Bibliographic Services for the University of California, Bibliographic Services Task Force, Dec. 2005 (.pdf) 80 pages
  • The Future of Cataloging: Address to the EBSCO Leadership Seminar, Deanna Marcum, Associate Librarian of Congress, Boston, MA, Jan. 2005 (.html)