ALCTS Issues

Reshaping ALCTS: An Introduction to the Scenarios

With input from members over the last several years through surveys, focus groups, and discussion, the ALCTS Executive Committee decided that it was time to reshape our organization to respond to member concerns. The major issues identified were:

  • ALCTS no longer reflects the diversity of job functions performed by those employed in collections and technical services.
  • Members are frustrated by competing and overlapping programming
  • Processes are slow and not always clear due in part to redundancy in governance.

As we look at restructuring, then, we need to keep in mind the following goals:

  • Members must be able to find a community of colleagues doing the same work or with the same interests
  • The structure and processes must be transparent
  • The structure must be flexible enough to respond quickly to emerging trends
  • The organization must provide opportunities for service and leadership

The three scenarios we have developed have tried to address these concerns in various ways. Some of the solutions (an Interest Group Coordinator) are built in to all three scenarios, while other issues are addressed differently. All three are merely examples of how moving in a particular direction might play out. Details are subject to the members of the sections or communities that result.

As you look at the scenarios, it will be helpful to keep in mind that with ALA relaxing the requirement to actually meet face-to-face at meetings, there may be more and more committees, interest groups, and communities who choose to conduct much if not all of their work virtually.

We look forward to your comments on the scenarios and to ideas you may have to improve them.

Mary Case
ALCTS President