Next Generation Library Interfaces: Open Source

Marshall Breeding

a part of Planning for Discovery Tools for Library 2.0: 2009 Midwinter Symposium

Abstract: As libraries compete in an ever more crowded landscape of information providers, it is essential for libraries to provide interfaces that resonate with today's Web savvy users. One of the major trends in library automation today involves libraries embracing a new genre of next generation catalogs, often called discovery interfaces. Marshall Breeding will talk about the shortcomings of the older online catalogs that fuel the demand for next-generation interfaces, the features and functionality that have come to be expected in them, and the commercial and open source products that have emerged to fill this need.


Marshall Breeding serves as the Director for Innovative Technologies and Research for the Vanderbilt University Libraries in Nashville, TN. He is part of the management team of the Library, focusing issues related to the strategic use of technology in the library. He designs and develops digital library resources for the library. Marshall also serves as the Executive Director the Vanderbilt Television News Archive, a large-scale archive of digital video content (

In addition to his responsibilities at Vanderbilt, Marshall frequently speaks and writes on topics of network technologies and library automation. He is the creator and editor of the Library Technology Guides ( web site and the lib-web-cats online directory of libraries on the Web. His monthly column “Systems Librarian” appears in Computers in Libraries; he is a Contributing Editor for Smart Libraries Newsletter published by the American Library Association, and has authored the “Automation System Marketplace” feature published by Library Journal for the last seven years. He has authored six issues of ALA’s Library Technology Reports, and has written many other articles and book chapters. Marshall has edited or authored five books. His most recent issue of Library Technology Reports was titled “Next Generation Library Catalogs.” He regularly teaches workshops and gives presentations at library conferences on a wide range of topics. He is a regular presenter at Computers in Libraries and Internet Librarian conferences, he is a LITA Top Technology Trends panelist at ALA conferences has been an invited speaker for many library conferences and workshops throughout the United States and internationally. He has spoken in throughout the United States and in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Austria, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Marshall will be traveling to Argentina this December for a Fulbright grant project.


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