To Host or Not To Host, or, Decisions Along the Way to a Successful Hosted Repository Investment

Marilyn Billings

a part of Implementing an Institutional Repository:2009 Midwinter Symposium

Abstract: The decision to host a digital repository or purchase a hosted solution can be a daunting one. What are some of the factors involved? Who should be consulted along the way? How does one go about making this decision? This presentation will address these questions and the decision process that led the University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries to choose Digital Commons, the digital repository software developed and hosted by bePress. Several projects currently underway in ScholarWorks@UMass Amherst will be highlighted.


Marilyn Billings is the Scholarly Communication & Special Initiatives Librarian at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. An important component of her responsibilities is the management of the digital repository ScholarWorks @ UMass Amherst. She provides campus-wide leadership and education in alternative scholarly communication strategies and is frequently an invited speaker at faculty department colloquia. She gives presentations on author rights, alternative digital publishing models and the role of digital repositories in today's research and scholarship endeavors at regional and national venues.