Institutional Repositories: The Promises of Yesterday

Greg Tananbaum, Keynote and Closing Address

part of Implementing an Institutional Repository: 2009 Midwinter Symposium

Abstract: In the introductory session, consultant Greg Tananbaum will set the stage for the day's proceedings. He will provide a brief history of the institutional repository space. The presentation will delve into the initial promise of the IR concept and evaluate the ways in which the reality of IRs has met this promise, failed to meet it, and exceeded it. He will also provide a road map of the common trends and themes the audience should look for in the day's presentations.

Closing Presentation

Institutional Repositories: The Promises of Tomorrow

Abstract: In the closing session, consultant Greg Tananbaum will summarize the recurring themes of the day's sessions. He will look at the key benefits institutions can recognize via a successful IR, as well as the possible impediments to a successful IR that institutions must face. He will also look at the future of institutional repositories within the larger context of a rapidly changing scholarly communication landscape.


Greg Tananbaum runs ScholarNext, a consulting firm focusing on issues at the intersection of technology, content, and academia. Clients include publishers, technology companies, universities, libraries, non-profit organizations, startups, and other scholarly communication entities. ScholarNext works with clients on a broad variety of issues, including understanding and developing Web 2.0 functionality, strategic planning, business development, management consulting, and policy analysis. Greg has more than a dozen years' experience in the space. In addition to his consulting work, he has served as President of The Berkeley Electronic Press, as well as Director of Product Marketing for EndNote. Greg writes a regular column in Against the Grain covering emerging developments in the field of scholarly communication. He has been as an invited speaker at dozens of conferences, including the American Library Association, the Society for Scholarly Publishing, the Association of Professional and Learned Society Publishers, and Online Information UK. He holds a Master's Degree from the London School of Economics and a B.A. from Yale University.