2006 Midwinter Meeting

ALCTS symposia at the 2006 ALA Midwinter Meeting

SCCTP Advanced Serials Cataloging

(Condensed Version)

Friday, January 20, 2006 in San Antonio, TX

The Advanced Serials Cataloging Workshop is an in-depth course on cataloging practices applied to original cataloging of serials according to CONSER guidelines. While the course focuses on printed serials, the instructions are applicable to serials in any format. The workshop consists of an area-by-area approach to the cataloging of serials, concentrating on aspects particular to serials such as serial title transcription, uniform titles in serial records, designations, and linking fields.

The course is designed for people who have at least taken the Basic Serials Cataloging Workshop or who have been catalogers for more than one year and are familiar with MARC tagging and fundamental concepts of cataloging. While attendees who do not have this background in may find parts of the workshop useful, the instructors will not have sufficient time to review basic cataloging concepts or MARC record structure, etc.


Lisa Furubotten, Head, Serials Cataloging, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University

SCCTP Electronic Serials Cataloging

Friday, January 20, 2006 in San Antonio, TX

This workshop is based on Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR), 2nd edition, including the 2001 amendments and the revised edition published in 2002. It incorporates key revisions of chapter 9, "Electronic resources" and chapter 12 "Continuing resources" that apply to electronic serials, but is not a comprehensive course on serials cataloging. The course is also based on Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, the MARC 21 format, and CONSER specific policies and practices set forth in the CONSER Cataloging Manual and CONSER Editing Guide.


Margaret Mering, Principal Serials Cataloger, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries