Local Collections, Collective Context: Managing Print Collections in the Age of Collaboration

An ALCTS Virtual Preconference

This Virtual Preconference was originally presented June 4 - 6, 2012.

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Emerging shared print initiatives are making it possible for libraries to manage local collections in a collaborative environment. While there are many potential benefits to shared collection management—providing access to a more comprehensive collections than a library could build on its own, ensuring preservation through distributed responsibility, and freeing up stacks space for other uses—this opportunity presents many challenges as well. How does an individual institution responsibly manage its collection to participate in a regional or national collection? How do libraries make decisions about local collections in the context of consortial, regional, and national priorities? This preconference will address these and other questions by looking at core aspects of shared collection management, including collaborative decision-making, bibliographic issues, and planning and communications. Speakers will provide a variety of perspectives, from emerging research to case studies and practical guidelines from the front lines.

This virtual preconference is aimed at library staff interested in learning about shared print collection management. Participants will learn about several elements of shared collection management. They will also learn strategies they can apply in their own institutions, consortium, or collective, for topics such as: sharing commitments to retain materials to support resource sharing; identifying common bibliographic issues that inhibit effective shared collection management; using collections data to support collaborative decision-making; creating a shared collection management plan; and communicating and providing outreach to users and other local constituents.

This virtual preconference is comprised of three 90 minute sessions. Sessions will be held each day from June 4 to 6, 2012 starting at 11am Pacific, noon Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern

There are no prerequisites for attendance; however, participants in Session 3 will be asked to prepare by reading a short article on collection management plans. No continuing education credits will be issued.


ALCTS Virtual Preconference Sessions

Date Title Presenter
Monday, June 4

Shared Collection Management: Collaborative Decision-Making

Shared print collections require a high degree of mutual understanding, information, and trust amongst institutions. This session will look at how collection analysis data can help by identifying overlap and uniqueness, by modeling the impact of deselection and retention scenarios, and by serving as an objective foundation for making decisions and policies.   The session will focus on a case study involving the rapid evolution of a newly-formed group of libraries focused on shared print monographs. Using combined data on circulation and holdings, the seven libraries in the Michigan Shared Print Initiative agreed on criteria for withdrawal, retention, allocation, and a Memorandum of Understanding in just over 9 months.
Doug Way, Dr. Barbara J. Cockrell, Rick Lugg, and Ruth Fischer
Tuesday, June 5 Shared Collection Management: Bibliographic Aspects

As more and more libraries enter into shared print agreements, it becomes increasingly important to disclose the details of the archived holdings to libraries both within and outside of the group. In this session, we will discuss recently-developed metadata guidelines for describing shared print retention commitments in OCLC WorldCat, and the impact of that data on discovery and resource-sharing.

Constance Malpas and Lizanne Payne
Wednesday, June 6

Shared Collection Management: Planning and Communication

As shared collection management initiatives enable some institutions to decrease the size of onsite collections and rely on shared print copies, good planning, policy, and communication are critical to ensuring that libraries make good collection management decisions while addressing and minimizing the concerns of staff, users, and local stakeholders.   In this session, participants will learn about elements of collection management planning and policy, how a consortium prepares to make decisions in a collective context, and what individual libraries can do to get started on planning.    Participants will also learn about communication and outreach strategies from a recent case study in which a library significantly reduced its collections footprint to create an Academic Commons.   Participants will be asked to prepare by reading a short article provided by Sam Demas on collection management plans.

Samuel Demas and Robert Kieft


  • Dr. Barbara J. Cockrell, Associate Dean of Collections and Technical Services, Western Michigan University
  • Doug Way, Head of Collections and Scholarly Communications, Grand Valley State University
  • Rick Lugg, Consultant, Sustainable Collections Services
  • Ruth Fischer, Consultant, Sustainable Collections Services
  • Constance Malpas, Program Officer, OCLC
  • Lizanne Payne, Library Collections Consultant
  • Samuel Demas, Consultant, Sam Demas Collaborative Consulting, College Librarian Emeritus, Carlton College
  • Robert Kieft, College Librarian, Occidental College


This Virtual Preconference was originally presented June 4 - 6, 2012.

Access the recordings and materials now:

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