Planning and Describing Your Work with P&T in Mind

Achieving promotion and tenure (P&T) in an academic library is like flying an airplane; you need to start with a plan to get off the ground, gain altitude, and achieve a sustainable cruising altitude. Materials will include selections from at least three academic library PT&T documents and a dozen examples of how technical services librarians described their work in P&T dossiers. The presentation will focus on key factors that librarians should consider when planning careers, will illustrate some variations in requirements, and will discuss examples of wording.
The webinar will help early career librarians think strategically about their careers and describe their work so non-librarians understand how they contribute to the teaching and research mission.

Who Should Attend?

Early career technical services librarians in academic libraries and their mentors, both formal and informal.


Lizzy Walker is metadata and digital initiatives librarian at the Wichita State University Ablah Library. She has a background in public services and metadata. As a new tenure track librarian, she is interested in exploring how to communicate the essential role that technical services have in user services.

Ginger Williams, acquisitions librarian and associate professor at Wichita State University, was elected to the library tenure and promotion committee within a month of being awarded tenure in 2012. She’s an active member of ALCTS, serves on the Library Resources & Technical Services Editorial Board and teaches ALCTS online courses Fundamentals of Collection Development and Fundamentals of Collection Assessment.


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