Book Repair Basics for Libraries

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Participants will become familiar with several types of basic repairs for bound circulating collections materials in school, public, and academic libraries. Tip-ins and basic page repairs, hinge tightening, and a variety of spine repairs are covered. Techniques are illustrated and demonstrated with text, images, and video. Links to other resources are provided. Repairs and conservation treatments on rare and special collections materials are NOT discussed.

Learning Outcomes


Who Should Attend

Individuals with little (some preferred) book repair experience will benefit. More experienced attendees will receive helpful hints.


Peter D. Verheyen is Head of Preservation and Conservation at Syracuse University. After beginning as work-study in preservation under John Dean at Johns Hopkins where he repaired and rehoused circulating collections, he studied binding and conservation in Germany and Switzerland to become a rare book conservator working in private practice and research library preservation programs. He established the conservation lab at Syracuse for the treatment of special collections materials, and developed a high-density system for storing architectural drawings. In response to a need for efficient rehousing in anticipation of off-site storage he introduced Syracuse to the shrink-wrapping of volumes. He presented Archival 101 as an ALCTS webinar during Preservation Week 2010.

Marianne Hanley is Assistant Conservator in the Department of Preservation and Conservation at Syracuse University Library.  Her responsibilities include managing the repair and rehousing of our circulating collections, including the training of work-study students.  In addition she is training in bookbinding and aspects of book conservation with conservators David Stokoe and Peter Verheyen.  She also presents regularly on disaster preparedness as part of departmental staff training and outreach activities. Because Marianne has worked in  both the public and private sectors of libraries, she is collaborating in the development of a basic book repair program that will benefit many different institutions and varying types of skill levels.




How to Register

No registration required.

Tech Requirements

The ability to download and read an Adobe Acrobat file and watch a video on YouTube.




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