The Consortial-Campus View: Reinventing the IR from All Directions

An ALCTS Webcast.

The California Digital Library (CDL) supports the 10 University of California campuses' institutional repository and campus publishing efforts through the development and central hosting of eScholarship. This presentation will give an overview of a centralized model and the scholarly publishing initiatives taking place at the University of California.

The director of the Publishing Group at the CDL will begin the conversation with an overview of the publishing and dissemination services available through eScholarship and the outreach and marketing campaign recently launched in conjunction with the UC campuses. An eScholarship Liaison from UCLA will discuss the role of campus librarians in this model and highlight successful faculty and graduate student publications which transitioned from print to online journals. The presentation will conclude with a library administrator's perspective on new roles for academic libraries and how this works fits in the mission of the institution.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with an interest in the topic or need for the information.


Sharon Farb, Bonnie Tijerina, and Catherine Mitchell


How to Register

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Tech Requirements

Computer with Internet access (high-speed connection is best) and media player software. Headphones recommended.




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