Institutional Repositories Webinar Series

Supported by Berkeley Electronic Press, this series of webinars on institutional repositories is based on the presentations at the ALCTS 2009 Midwinter Symposium. The sessions have included a brief history of institutional repositories, key benefits and possible obstacles to a successful IR implementation, and a discussion of the future of the institutional repository within the larger context of the rapidly changing scholarly communication landscape.

Previous Webinars

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Date                     Topic and Presenters Buy
April 4, 2012 When the IR comes to Access Services
Brad Matthies
February 8, 2012 Strategies for Repository Growth
Isaac Gilman
November 30, 2011 Promoting Institutional Repositories
Dan Kipnis
August 24, 2011 The Art of Scanning
Paul Royster
June 1, 2011 Reengineering the IR to Engage Users
Suzanne Bell and Nathan Sarr
May 11, 2011 Utilizing Institutional Repositories
Marianne Buehler
April 13, 2011 Repository Metadata
Wendy Robertson
January 26, 2011 Copyright and Contracts
Lisa Macklin
May 19, 2010 Perpetual Beta: IRs Then and Now
Leah Vanderjagt and Allison Sivac
April 28, 2010 The Consortial-Campus View
Sharon Farb, Bonnie Tijerina, and Catherine Mitchell
April 7, 2010 Selecting an IR Platform
Bob Gerrity
March 24, 2010 Making the Most of Your Metadata
Marisa Ramirez and Nancy Fallgren
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Attendees may find this annotated list of additional resources useful for getting the most out of these sessions.