Maximizing Revenue from Selling withdrawn Books and Unwanted Gifts

An ALCTS Webcast.

This webcast discusses the advantages and disadvantages of four methods of selling withdrawn books and unwanted gifts—book sales, sales to dealers, consignments to Internet vendors, and selling directly on the Internet. The session provides tips for maximizing revenue and minimizing staff costs. Many libraries can increase revenue, some significantly, by understanding the various options.

This webcast is a companion session to Buying Library Materials on the Out-of-Print Book Market.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, attendees will know how to maximize revenue from selling withdrawn books and unwanted gifts.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with an interest in the topic is welcome to participate.


Robert Holley, Professor at the School of Library and Information Science at Wayne State University, has been involved in the out-of-print book market for the last five years since he co-authored the first statistical study on pricing and availability of out-of-print materials on the Internet. He has run or helped with book sales for four different library organizations.  He is also a small Internet book vendor and can share his insights on selling materials.




How to Register

No registration required. Access the session now.

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