RDA: Benefits for Users and Cataloguers

An ALCTS webcast.

This webcast explores the benefits of RDA. It begins by looking at how RDA evolved from AACR2 and discusses how RDA's new direction is advantageous for both users and cataloguers. Do RDA's objectives and principles have an impact on the user? How do RDA's instructions make a difference for the cataloguer? Will resource descriptions be more precise? Can RDA data support improved navigation? Will RDA allow us to get cataloguing data out of library silos? The webcast is an opportunity to look at these questions and consider the practical effect of RDA guidelines and instructions on resource description and resource discovery.

Who Should Attend

The webcasts in the RDA series will be of interest to anyone interested in learning more about RDA.


Christine Oliver has worked at the McGill University Library since 1989, as a cataloguing librarian and cataloguing manager. Her current position is Coordinator of Cataloguing and Authorities. She received her M.A. and M.L.I.S. degrees from McGill University. Chris is the Chair of the Canadian Committee on Cataloguing and has served as a member of the Joint Steering Committee's Format Variation Working Group and as Chair of the RDA Outreach Group. She is the author of Introducing RDA: a Guide to the Basics.


How to Register

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Tech Requirements

Computer with Internet access (high-speed connection is best) and media player software. Headphones recommended.

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