Changes from AACR2 to RDA. Part 2

An ALCTS webcast.

RDA: Resource Description & Access was published in June 2010 and has been undergoing a test by the U.S. national libraries and others. This session uses numerous side-by-side examples in MARC format to show the most significant changes between AACR2 and RDA cataloging practices. Part 1 covers descriptive elements, and part 2 covers access points.

Who Should Attend

The webcasts are aimed at catalogers familiar with AACR2 who want to learn more about how RDA records will differ from records created under AACR2 rules. The webcasts assume a familiarity with the MARC 21 bibliographic and authority formats, and with FRBR.


Adam L. Schiff is Principal Cataloger at the University of Washington Libraries, Seattle, Washington. He served as chair of one of the two RDA Examples Groups that supplied all of the examples found in RDA. He has chaired the ALCTS CCS Committee on Cataloging: Description & Access, and the  Machine-Readable Bibliographic (MARBI) Committee, and currently chairs the ALCTS SAC Genre/Form Subcommittee. He is the author of the SACO Participants' Manual, and is a trainer for NACO and instructor for several courses of the Catalogers Learning Workshop.


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Tech Requirements

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