From MARC to BIBFRAME: Linked Data on the Ground

This webinar series focuses on transitioning libraries from MARC encoding to BIBFRAME. It covers both theoretical and practical issues surrounding the conversion process, with an eye towards developing a complete transition strategy. Each session is an hour in length.
Series sessions include:

October 12 - Library of Congress BIBFRAME Developments - Judith Cannan and Kirk Hess

  • The significance of BIBFRAME initiatives taking place at the Library of Congress
  • Plans for Pilot Phase 2 of BIBFRAME
  • Library of Congress involvement with Linked Data and Semantic Web initiatives and other projects taking place in the broader information community 

*This session is free and a complimentary part of the series. Registration for other sessions in the "From MARC to BIBFRAME" series is not necessary to participate.

October 19 - Putting the Link in Linked Data - Nancy Lorimer

  • The importance of moving from text strings to URIs to link entities and resources
  • The difference between traditional authority control and URI-based entity management
  • Some implications for workflows in the URI-based cataloging environment

October 26 - Embedded URI in MARC: An Essential for Linked Data - Jackie Shieh

  • The benefits and challenges of inserting URI/IRIs in MARC
  • Workflows for inserting URI/IRIs in current bibliographic records
  • Tools for batch processing of URI/IRIs
  • Process for batch insertion of URI/IRIs

November 2 - How to Get from Here to BIBFRAME - Carl Stahmer

  • Mapping a conversion process
  • Available conversion tools
  • Results of our testing of various tools – skills required, effort and cost requirements, accuracy of output
  • A walk through of a conversion process with one of the discussed tools. 

November 9 - Modeling and Encoding Serials in BIBRAME - Gloria Gonzalez

  • Overview of changes in cataloging workflows
  • Relationship between RDA and BIBFRAME
  • Cataloging workflow using BIBFLOW-Scribe Linked Data cataloging interface
  • Assessment of staffing and training issues and needs

 November 16 - Linked Data Cataloging Workflows - Xiaoli Li

  • Issues that serials catalogers encounter using BIBFRAME model and vocabulary
  • Ongoing efforts to map serials to BIBFRAME
  • Possible conceptual models for MARC to BIBRAME serials conversion
  • Use of tools for cataloging serials in a BIBFRAME environment
  • Examples of BIBFRAME serials records

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Learning Outcomes

The primary goal of this webinar series is to provide participants with a suggested roadmap for making the conversion to BIBFRAME, enough understanding of the logistics of the transition to modify the map as needed for their organizations, and a solid understanding of expected changes in workflow and required staff skills.

Who Should Attend

Technical service librarians and staff and library administrators.

*This is an intermediate course intended for those with a basic understanding of bibliographic records and linked data.


Nancy Lorimer is Head of the Metadata Department at Stanford University, where she oversees metadata creation and participates in linked data projects and planning. A core participant in both the Linked Data for Production and the Linked Data for Libraries--Labs Mellon-funded grant projects, Nancy is also a consultant to the PCC Task Group on URIs in MARC. Nancy holds an MLIS from Western University, and a MMus from the University of Edinburgh.

Jackie Shieh is the Resource Description Coordinator for George Washington University Libraries. Jackie currently chairs the PCC URI in MARC Task Group. She previously worked as the Original Cataloger for Electronic Resources for University of Virginia Library and as the Team Leader for Special Collections and Projects, University of Michigan Library. Jackie holds an MSLS from Catholic University of America and an MA from the University of Virginia.

Carl Stahmer is Director of Digital Scholarship at the University of California Davis. He has worked in the area of linked data for many years, including participation in several research studies funded by major government and foundation funders (

Gloria Gonzalez is the Library Strategist at Zepheira. As part of the Library.Link Network team, Gloria helps academic and public libraries, archives, and rare book libraries incorporate Linked Data principles into their work. Previously, she was the Digital Archivist at UCLA Library Special Collections and a Junior Fellow at the Library of Congress. Gloria holds a master's degree in Library and Information Science from UCLA.  

Xiaoli Li is the co-head of the Content Support Services Department of UC Davis University Library. She is a primary member of UCD BIBFLOW project, an IMLS funded project that investigates the impact of implementing BIBFRAME on technical services, i.e., cataloging and related workflows. She also serves on the CONSER BIBFRAME Task Group and co-leads the Linked Data Alumni Serials Team, a group that examines BIBFRAME Lite vocabulary and linked data tools developed by Zepheira.










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