Use of Social Media in the Library

Social media has the potential to facilitate much closer relationships between libraries and their patrons. Current usage of social media by the library community generally remains ad hoc and somewhat experimental, but the uptake of these tools is accelerating, and they will likely play an increasingly important role in library service provision and outreach in the future.

Taylor & Francis has produced a white paper that analyzes current practices relating social media’s use in the library and how this differs by librarian job role. The sample was taken from academic librarians around the world, which also allows us to examine differences by geographic location. The goal: to establish how librarians are currently using social media in their roles, the most useful social media tools and best applications for these tools in a library setting.

In this webinar, we will present our findings from the white paper, as well as tips and lessons learned from our detailed case studies. The webinar will also outline common practices for using social media in the library, as well as strategies for effectively incorporating social media tools into your own library.

This webinar was originally presented on December 10, 2014.

Learning Outcomes

The webinar will allow participants to:

  • critically examine common practices associated with use of social media tools in the library;
  • learn how to incorporate social media strategies into marketing plans effectively, understanding the capabilities of different channels and how they can be tailored to suit your library’s individual needs;
  • understand how trends in librarianship affect social media usage, how use of social media can vary by job role, and how you can transfer this knowledge to enhance the effectiveness of your role.

Who Should Attend

All practicing librarians who have an interest in social media; this includes those currently using social media in the library or those who would like to learn more about how social media is currently being used by librarians in various roles.


Stacy Sieck is the Library Communications Manager at Taylor & Francis Group and is responsible for managing the library marketing and communications activities for North and South America. She first joined Taylor & Francis in 2008 as the manager of the library and information science journals portfolio. Prior to coming to Taylor & Francis, Stacy worked for Merion Matters, the media, marketing, and merchandising company behind the popular ADVANCE brand.




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