Persistence: “Got Yours?” Preserving Scholarship

As more and more content (books and journals and other genres) is made available only in an electronic format, ensuring that the scholarly record remains intact in the event of a technological or natural disaster is ever more critical. Learn about the importance of digital preservation, rights and responsibilities of all stakeholders, and what you can do to ensure that key research remains readily available.

This webinar was originally presented on March 11, 2015.

This webinar is one of the six-part "Working with Continuing Resources" webinar series:

Feb. 18  Trends and Advancements for Library Resource Discovery

Feb. 23  Tailoring Communications to Different Audiences

Mar.  9  Workflow Maps: Tools for Insight and Enhancement

Mar. 11  Persistence: “Got Yours?” Preserving Scholarship

Mar. 16  E-book Cataloging Using a Shared Mailbox

Mar. 18  Cataloging Continuing Resources in a Changing Landscape

Learning Outcomes

This opportunity will provide a broad introduction to digital preservation, the economic and social challenges and opportunities, including a smattering of technology and a mention of standards.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with an interest in the topic can benefit from this session and is welcome to participate.


Victoria Reich is Executive Director of the LOCKSS Program, Stanford University.

Dr. Katherine Skinner is Executive Director of the Educopia Institute.




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