e-Forum Instructions

If you’re not familiar with the format, we’re using the Core e-Forum model, which provides an opportunity for librarians to discuss matters of interest, led by a moderator, through the e-Forum discussion list. The e-Forum discussion list works like an email mailing list:

The Core e-Forum list is moving to a new discussion list platform called Groups.io.

Please take a moment to subscribe to the new list by sending an email to core-eforum+subscribe@groups.io. Your message can be empty. Your request will be approved within 1-2 business days. You will receive a welcome email from groups.io with instructions on how to create a user account to manage your notification settings.


Create an account at the Core Electronic Discussion Lists website (lists.ala.org):

  • Go to the e-Forum website https://groups.io/g/core-eforum/
  • Click the "Sign up" button in the top right-hand corner
  • Enter the email address where you'd like to receive the e-Forum messages
  • Once you receive an email message containing the password, return to the Login page and enter your email address and password. 

Subscribe to:

  • Once you are logged in, click on "Your Groups(s)"
  • Select Core-eforum in the drop down
  • Then, you should see the current e-forum listed

Please note: Once you have subscribed to the list, you will begin receiving messages for the e-Forum when it begins.

Change Your Preferences:

To change your password, click on "Your Name" in the upper right hand corner and select account

Email Addresses:

To change your email address, click on "Your Name" in the upper right hand corner and select account