Publisher/Vendor Supplied Cataloging Records

June 10–12, 2008 hosted by Pamela Bluh and M. Dina Giambi


The list now has 195 subscribers. There were 25 posts on the discussion topic.

Many posts dealt with comments and suggestions related to loading of vendor supplied records and several dealt with vendor supplied records for e-content.

There seemed to be general agreement that acquiring these records was beneficial both in terms of access and discovery as well as for streamlining workflows and freeing staff to deal with a variety of other tasks. However, the feeling that accuracy is being sacrificed for access still exists and reconciling that tension is a significant problem. The following post sums up the situation:

It would be wonderful if we could find some general agreement about the level of description and access that is adequate for the mainstream of the material we all acquire. Think what this reduction in redundant effort would mean for each of our institutions. The question that haunts me, is how do we get there?

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