Communication & ALCTS

May 14–16, 2008 hosted by Pamela Bluh and M. Dina Giambi


After a slow start, the electronic discussion on communication featured a number of interesting themes.


  • 112 subscribers to the forum
  • 41 messages were posted (including the introductory message)s) and the concluding message
  • 19 individuals posted comments (including the hosts)
  • 9 threads were developed

A detailed discussion about RSS feeds—how to use them and how they might be used in ALCTS evolved into a discussion on blogs. Suggestions were made on how various ALCTS groups might use blogs to disseminate information. Concerns about lack of communication might be a matter of perception rather than reality. Different forms of communication are desirable depending on the audience to whom the information is directed and the type of information being communicated. Training on Web 2.0 technologies to help members choose the communication tools that work best for them would be worthwhile.

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