So You’ve Got Your MLS. Now What?

Monday, 5/11/2015
Tuesday, 5/12/2015

Congratulations, new graduate! You've finished your classes, completed your internship, sat for exams, and now you have your diploma. what? May's e-forum will focus on the challenges and opportunities new library school graduates face when starting their careers as librarians. Topics will include: finding a mentor, job seeking, transitioning from student to working librarian, and more. While this discussion is focused on navigating the post-library school world, we welcome the perspective of current library school students and librarians who are not currently new graduates. Join us for an exciting discussion on navigating life after library school.

This discussion took place Monday, May 11 and Tuesday, May 12, 2015. Read the e-Forum summary and for more information, read the archive of messages starting here.

What Is an e-Forum?

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Please join us for an e-forum discussion. It’s free and open to everyone!

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will have gained perspective on challenges and opportunities new library school graduates face when starting their careers as librarians.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with an interest in the topic can benefit from this session and is welcome to participate.


Vicki Gruzynski is the Education Librarian at University of Colorado Boulder. She graduated from Indiana University with her MLS in May 2013. Her professional interests include information literacy, high school to college transitions, outreach, and open access. She is a former ALCTS employee and a whiz at writing cover letters and CVs.

Erin Leach is Head of Serials Cataloging at the University of Georgia. She graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia with her MA in Information Science & Learning Technologies. Her professional interests include leadership and professional development in technical services, using social media to develop personal learning networks, and collaborations between technical services and public services staff. Erin is currently busy making appointments as the Chair-Elect of the Continuing Resources Section of ALCTS.




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