Breaking Down the Silos: Planning for Discovery in Library 2.0

Monday, March 9–10, 2009 hosted by M. Dina Giambi and Kristin Antelman

This e-Forum is a continuation of the discussion initiated at the ALCTS Symposium of the same name held at the 2009 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Denver (Several of the Symposium slide presentations are available online..)

Libraries have collected a diverse set of resources which they have made available to their patrons. However, access to these resources have often been presented in separate silos without the capability of providing integrated access across them. A variety of discovery tool options are being implemented by libraries to deliver the information in a more focused and intuitive manner.

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M. Dina Giambi is Assistant Director for Library Technical Services University of Delaware Library and ALCTS President.

Kristin Antelman is Associate Director for the Digital Library North Carolina State University.