Pass It On—Preservation Week @ Your Library

February 1 and 2, 2011
Hosted by Jeanne Drewes and Karen Motylewski

ALA, ALCTS, and a variety of partners including the Library of Congress and the Institute of Museum and Library Services initiated national collections preservation week to help address the serious needs found by the Heritage Health Index. Libraries can use Preservation Week 2011, April 24-30, to raise their profile as a dependable source of preservation information resources and to draw new audiences. Anyone interested in increasing knowledge about preserving personal or public collections, maximizing community outreach, or developing library programs and program partnerships with other community organizations can benefit from this session and is welcome to participate. Experienced library staff who participated in Preservation Week 2010 will join the conversation from time to time. Please explore the linked sites as an introduction to the conversation:

Here are some frequently asked questions we hope will spur your interest in doing at least one thing, however small, to celebrate Pass It On—Preservation Week @ Your Library:

  • How will my library benefit from allocating staff and resources to Preservation Week?
  • What kinds of programs are appropriate for Preservation Week?
  • What can I do on a shoe-string budget?
  • If I want to plan an ambitious program for Preservation Week, where can I find funding?
  • What help is ALA providing libraries for Preservation Week?
  • What kind of Preservation Week partners would be most useful for my library?
  • How can Preservation Week bring new audiences to the library?
  • Where can I find local preservation information resources (people or publications)?
  • Who else is participating in Preservation Week?

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Who Should Attend

Anyone with an interest in the topic can benefit from this session and is welcome to participate.


Jeanne Drewes is Chief of Binding and Collections Care for the Library of Congress (LC) Library Services Preservation Directorate in Washington, D.C. Previously she was Assistant Director for Access and Preservation at Michigan State University Libraries, and head of Preservation at Johns Hopkins University Library where she directed all aspects of preservation management. She received her M.A.L.S. from the University of Missouri Columbia and was a Mellon Intern for Preservation Administration at the University of Michigan. She is a member of the American Library Association and is active in the Preservation and Reformatting Section. She serves on the Preservation and Conservation Committee of IFLA. She has published in the area of preservation, deacidification, disaster response and risk and insurance issues for libraries as well as binding and general collections care. She chairs the Working Group for Preservation Week.

Karen Motylewski is Special Liaison from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) in Washington, D.C., assigned to the Library of Congress for Special Projects. Karen’s career has spanned multiple disciplines. She has worked at the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, joined a conservation practice focusing on sculpture and decorative arts, served as Director of Field Service at Northeast Document Conservation Center, served as director of Preservation and Conservation Studies at the University of Texas at Austin GSLIS, and became IMLS’s Evaluation Officer, helping grantees strengthen evaluation and reporting for IMLS-funded projects. In January 2008 IMLS assigned her to the Library of Congress Preservation Directorate to help meet complementary IMLS and LC goals, with emphasis on preservation and conservation education and outreach.


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