RDA Training

Catalogers and technical services departments are now fully immersed in training for Resource Description and Access. While some libraries may have resources to bring in external trainers, many organizations are taking on the training challenge in-house. Do you have the necessary training skills and creative techniques to overcome challenges related to your organization’s training and preparation for RDA? Come and share your experiences and swap ideas with others managing or participating in their organization’s RDA training efforts.

The e-forum will cover the training needs for those performing original and copy cataloging, as well as those who handle and create records outside of cataloging departments. Topics will include: deciding which staff positions need what level of RDA training, creating/customizing training materials and documentation, identifying in-house trainers, balancing strain on personnel (both in terms of time and expertise), and evaluating results.

Who Should Attend?

We intend for this to be a productive dialog involving catalogers at all levels, technical services librarians, and managers, to help us learn how to teach ourselves and our staff how to create and incorporate the increasing number of RDA records that populate national and local databases.


Jennifer Erica Sweda, MS, LIS (UIUC); MLA (UPenn), has been Social Sciences Cataloging Librarian for the University of Pennsylvania Libraries (Philadelphia, Pa.), for almost twenty years. She contributes bibliographic (BIBCO) and name/subject authority (NACO/SACO) records through LC’s Program for Cooperative Cataloging, and is a trainer for LC’s Basic Subject Cataloging Using Library of Congress Subject Headings workshop. She has presented research at the American Library Association and Association for Information Science and Technology conferences, and has contributed an article to Radical Cataloging: Essays at the Front (ed. K.R. Roberto). Her professional interests have grown to include teaching and training (both inside and outside of libraries) and she is currently coordinating Penn Libraries’ RDA training efforts.

Dr. Sylvia D. Hall-Ellis, MLS (North Texas), PhD (Pittsburgh) has been teaching cataloging for more than fifteen years. A member of professional organizations and listed in several editions of regional and national bibliographic volumes, she is active in ALCTS and served as a voting member of CC:DA for four years. Her research focus is competencies and technical skills for catalogers. She has published numerous technical reports, articles, and five monographs and has conducted major field-based research studies. She has more than forty years of experience working in libraries as an administrator, development officer and project manager. Dr. Hall-Ellis is the Senior Grants Administrator for the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver.


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