Partner to Celebrate Preservation Week

(PDF Version)

1. Why partner to celebrate Preservation Week?*

  • Strengthen community
  • Reach new audiences—increase participation
  • Inspire others

2. Potential partners

  • Libraries
  • Museums and historical societies
  • University, business, or other archives
  • K-12 schools or classrooms
  • Graduate library or museum studies programs
  • Local businesses
  • Collector’s groups
  • Community organizations

3. Tips for successful partnerships

  • Don’t always start by asking for money.
  • Start small, build relationships over time.
  • Develop a clear goal for this partnership—what will it achieve? What does each party bring to the table?
  • Meet face to face with partner decision makers to present your vision.
  • Use bullet points, simple language, and no more than 10 points to describe your vision and purpose.
  • Draw up a written agreement that details responsibilities and resolves questions—it may take a several meetings.
  • Meet regularly to discuss progress and perceptions with partners.
  • Keep all stakeholders informed (use e-mail, meetings, or another strategy).
  • Plan internally about next steps for the relationship.
  • No partnership is forever—plan for separation in advance.
  • Thank your partner—in writing, in meetings, in public, and often!

*Adapted from: Top 10 Tips for Successful Community Partnerships, See