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Date Topic Presented By
September 16, 2020 Creating a Strategic Library Communication Plan to Convey the Library's Value and Values Doralyn Rossmann
September 2, 2020 How Do We Do That Again? Documenting Library Work Emily Nimsakont
August 26, 2020 How to Use Interviews for Assessment in Libraries Dan Broadbent
May 27, 2020 Research Data Management Librarian Academy Jennifer Pamphile and Ashley Thomas
May 20, 2020 Excel for Technical Services: Intermediate Karen Kohn
April 29, 2020 Community Archiving Strategies for Oral History Natalie Milbrodt
April 28, 2020 Using Oral History to Tell Your Family Stories Daniel Horowitz Garcia
April 22, 2020 Excel for Technical Services: Introductory Karen Kohn
April 1, 2020 Creating eResource Training for Non-Technical Staff Eva Jurczyk
March 25, 2020 Alliances for Disasters in Cultural Response & Recovery - POSTPONED NEW DATE TBD Katelin Lee
March 18, 2020 Advocacy: How to Win Colleagues & Influence Vendors - POSTPONED NEW DATE TBD Stephanie Church, Anne Kumer, and Shelby Stuart
March 11, 2020 Digital Project Prioritization Framework Jennifer O’Brien Roper
March 4, 2020 How to Calculate OA APC Spend for Your University Dr. Heather Piwowar
February 26, 2020 Intro to Managing Serials with Net Cost Per Paid Use Dr. Heather Piwowar
February 19, 2020 Metadata Enriching and Discovery Getaneh Alemu
February 12, 2020 BIBFRAME Progress at the Library of Congress Judith Cannan and Sally McCallum
February 5, 2020 Space Crunch: Tips for Downsizing a Print Collection Jennifer Walker
December 11, 2019 Supporting OER at Your Institution Cheryl Cuillier, Regina Gong, and Jeremy Smith
December 4, 2019 Preserving Podcasts: How Libraries Can Help Dana Gerber-Margie, Mary Kidd, and Sarah Nguyen
November 6, 2019 Research Data Discovery: Developing a Data Catalog Megan Del Baglivo, Patricia G. Hinegardner, and Na Lin
October 30, 2019 Wayfinding for Digital Preservation Frances Harrell
October 23, 2019 Why (Not) Digitize? Frances Harrell
October 16, 2019 to October 30, 2019 A Compass for the Digital Frontier Series Frances Harrell
October 16, 2019 A Field Guide to Digital Preservation Frances Harrell
October 2, 2019 Special Collections Cataloging: Maps Carolyn Hansen
September 25, 2019 Acquisitions Work: From Competencies to Competence Lindsay Cronk and Rachel Fleming
September 18, 2019 Using LCSH Pattern Headings Bobby Bothmann
August 28, 2019 Cataloging Non-English Materials Joy DuBose and Preston Salisbury
August 21, 2019 All About Web Archiving Jillian Lohndorf
June 11, 2019 Library Project Management 101 Lisa Jeskins
June 4, 2019 Advocating for Your Department and Library Emily Drabinski and Angela Galvan
May 29, 2019 Standardizing Serials: COUNTER, SUSHI, SERU Athena Hoeppner and Kate Hill
May 22, 2019 A Shared Approach to BIBFRAME Implementation Jacquie Samples and Ian Bigelow
May 15, 2019 Standardizing Serials: KBART & Project Transfer Kristen Wilson
May 8, 2019 Communicating Impact Using Data Visualization Liz Woolcott
April 25, 2019 Caring for Family Keepsakes Denise Levenick
April 23, 2019 Preserving Your Family History Kenyatta D. Berry
April 3, 2019 Assessment in Technical Services Jessica Schomberg
March 27, 2019 Library of Congress BIBFRAME Progress Sally McCallum and Judith Canna
March 20, 2019 Writing and Publishing Research Results Mary Beth Weber and Sandy Roe
March 13, 2019 Digital Preservation: Audiovisual Edition, Part 2 Stefan Elnabli
March 6, 2019 Research Methodologies and Data Analysis Eamon Tewell
February 27, 2019 Digital Preservation: Audiovisual Edition, Part 1 Stefan Elnabli
February 20, 2019 Anatomy of a Research Project Karen Snow
February 13, 2019 Determining Success of DDA and EBA with Assessment Stephanie Church and Liz Bernal
February 6, 2019 Restructuring & Reimagining Digital Collections Jennifer O’Brien Roper and Ellen Catz Ramsey
December 12, 2018 Considering Leadership M.J. Tooey
December 5, 2018 The IFLA LRM Model: A Brief Introduction Thomas M. Dousa
November 28, 2018 Current Developments in Name Authorities Chew Chiat Naun and Jing Wang
November 14, 2018 Intro to Data Visualization: Tools and Skills, Part 2 Reed Jones
November 7, 2018 Intro to Data Visualization: Tools and Skills, Part 1 Reed Jones
October 31, 2018 Special Collections Cataloging: Manuscripts Heather Perez
October 24, 2018 Special Collections Cataloging: Monographs Melissa De Fino
October 3, 2018 Licensing Electronic Resources in Library Consortia Amy Pawlowski
September 25, 2018 Legal Issues in Licensing Electronic Resources Tomas A. Lipinski
September 12, 2018 Negotiation and Cost Containment Strategies for Electronic Resources George Stachokas
September 5, 2018 Managing and Implementing License Agreements, Part II Jennifer Bazeley
August 29, 2018 Managing and Implementing Licensing Agreements for Electronic Resources, Part I Monica Moore
August 22, 2018 Fundamentals of Licensing Electronic Resources Lori Duggan
June 5, 2018 to June 6, 2018 The Road to Electronic Information Accessibility: How Do We Increase Student Success? Various - Virtual Preconf
May 30, 2018 Introduction to R for Libraries, Part 3 Clarke Iakovakis
May 23, 2018 Introduction to R for Libraries, Part 2 Clarke Iakovakis
May 9, 2018 Introduction to R for Libraries, Part 1 Clarke Iakovakis
May 9, 2018 to May 30, 2018 Introduction to R for Libraries Clarke Iakovakis
May 2, 2018 Linked Data Description of Cartographic Resources Marc McGee
April 26, 2018 Densho Digital Repository: Preserving Community Memory Geoff Froh and Sara Beckman
April 24, 2018 Preserving Family Recipes Valerie J. Frey
April 18, 2018 Improve Discoverability of Non-Roman Materials Magda El-Sherbini
April 4, 2018 ArtFrame: Extending Library Ontologies for Works of Art Amber Billey and Melanie Wacker
March 28, 2018 Performed Music & BIBFRAME: Enriching the Ontology Nancy Lorimer
March 21, 2018 Linked Data and Annotations, What We Stand to Gain Joyce Bell
March 14, 2018 VIVO and the Role of Librarians, Part 2 Violeta Ilik
March 7, 2018 to May 2, 2018 From MARC to BIBFRAME: Linked Data on the Ground – Enhanced Judith Cannan, Paul Frank, Kirk Hess, Sally McCallum, Joyce Bell, Nancy Lorimer, Amber Billey, Melanie Wacker, Magda el-Sherbini, Marc McGee
March 7, 2018 Library of Congress BIBFRAME Pilot: Phase Two Judith Cannan, Paul Frank, Kirk Hess, and Sally McCallum
February 28, 2018 VIVO and the Role of Librarians, Part 1 Violeta Ilik
February 21, 2018 Cutter Numbers and Shelflisting for LC Classification Bobby Bothmann
January 31, 2018 Assuring Materials Can Be Used By Your Community Jill Hurst-Wahl
January 17, 2018 Governance Models for Shared Print Collections Matthew Revitt
December 6, 2017 NACO, Authority Control, and Identity Management: Evolving Strategies for a Changing Name Authorities Landscape Joseph Nicholson, Michelle Durocher, and John Riemer
November 29, 2017 Update on the RDA 3R Project Kathy Glennan
November 15, 2017 Just Catalog It! Providing Access to 3-D Materials Diane Robson, Kevin Yanowski, and Catherine Sassen
November 8, 2017 Securing Patron Privacy Dorothea Salo
November 1, 2017 Library Services in Learning Management Systems John J. Burke and Beth E. Tumbleson
October 25, 2017 Introduction to Python and PyMARC, Session 2 Lauren Magnuson
October 18, 2017 Introduction to Python and PyMARC, Session 1 Lauren Magnuson
October 4, 2017 Solutions for Copyright Issues in E-Learning Sally Bryant and Gan Ye
September 27, 2017 Taking Your Visuals to the Next Level Tiffany Davis
September 13, 2017 The ASERL Collaborative Federal Depository Program Sandra McAninch, Judith C. Russell, and Bill Sudduth
June 6, 2017 to June 7, 2017 Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Metadata Various - Virtual Preconf
May 3, 2017 Mythbusting: The Search For A Tech Services Generalist Jenica P. Rogers
April 26, 2017 Preservation Week: Care & Handling of Heritage Textile Collections Jane Hammond
April 25, 2017 Preservation Week: Caring for Your Textiles Donia Conn
March 22, 2017 Talent Management and Succession Planning Dr. Meredith Taylor and Dr. Sylvia Hall-Ellis
March 15, 2017 Cataloging, Gender, and RDA Rule 9.7 Amber Billey and Emily Drabinski
March 8, 2017 Intermediate LC Subject Headings, II Bobby Bothmann
March 1, 2017 Introduction to LC Subject Headings, I Bobby Bothmann
February 22, 2017 Case Studies: Residencies, Peer Training, and Succession Planning Angela Kinney, Elyssa Gould, and Jacob Nadal
February 15, 2017 New Research on Staff and Leadership Development in Technical Services Cory Tucker
February 1, 2017 Leading Technical Services in the Future Keith Webster
December 7, 2016 Research Data Management Best Practices and REDCap Paul A. Harris, Ph.D.
November 30, 2016 Budget Transparency in Collection Development Mary Gilbert and Deborah A. Nolan
November 16, 2016 Linked Data Cataloging Workflows Xiaoli Li
November 9, 2016 Modeling and Encoding Serials in BIBFRAME Gloria Gonzalez
November 2, 2016 How to Get from Here to BIBFRAME Carl Stahmer
October 26, 2016 Embedded URI in MARC: An Essential for Linked Data Jackie Shieh
October 19, 2016 Putting the Link in Linked Data Nancy Lorimer
October 12, 2016 Library of Congress BIBFRAME Developments Judith Cannan and Kirk Hess
September 28, 2016 Using FAST for Faster Workflows and Discovery Joelen Pastva and Allison Jai O'Dell
September 21, 2016 Library of Congress Classification (LCC): Intermediate Bobby Bothmann
September 14, 2016 Publishers' Hidden Content: How PIE-J Can Help Steve C. Shadle and Regina Romano Reynolds
September 7, 2016 Library of Congress Classification (LCC): Introduction Bobby Bothmann
August 24, 2016 Survive, Thrive & Boost Your Research Productivity Marie L. Radford, Ph.D.
August 17, 2016 Creating Effective Webinars Maurice Coleman and Jill Hurst-Wahl
June 8, 2016 We Can Do It, You Can Too! Metadata Automation for Everyone Various - Virtual Preconf
June 7, 2016 to June 8, 2016 We Can Do It, You Can Too! Metadata Automation for Everyone Various - Virtual Preconf
May 18, 2016 Current Trends & New Skills in Technical Services Erin E. Boyd and Elyssa M. Gould
May 11, 2016 Is Technical Services Dead? An Overview of the Future of Traditional Services Amy K. Weiss and Julie Moore
April 28, 2016 Preserving Your Digital Life Krista White
April 26, 2016 From Cassette to Cloud: Reformatting Audiotape Krista White
April 20, 2016 Doing Oral History Barbara Truesdell
March 23, 2016 WebDewey Number Building Tips and Tricks Libbie Crawford and Caroline Saccucci
March 16, 2016 Preserving Digital Collections: An Overview Peter Verheyen
March 9, 2016 Care and Handling of Books and Scrapbooks Donia Conn
March 2, 2016 Environmental Monitoring and Control Julie Mosbo
February 10, 2016 Using MoUs to Build Partnerships without Pressure William Cross
January 21, 2016 Assessing the Needs of Your Environment and Building a Sustainable RDM Services Program Jennifer Doty,Christopher Eaker, Jackie Wirz, Robin Champieux
January 19, 2016 The Data Life Cycle and the Landscape of Library-Led Services Jennifer Doty,Christopher Eaker, Jackie Wirz, Robin Champieux
December 8, 2015 RDA Serials Cataloging Update Steve Shadle
December 2, 2015 Tactics for Time Management and Organizational Skills Marie L. Radford
November 18, 2015 Video Game Collections (part 3) Diane Robson
November 11, 2015 Pricing and Other Issues in Streaming Video (part 2) deg farrelly
November 10, 2015 Sudden Systems Librarian Glenn Bunton
November 4, 2015 Licensing Streaming Media and Digital Content (part 1) Cindy Kristof
October 21, 2015 E-Books via the Cataloging in Publication Program Caroline Saccucci and Camilla Williams
October 14, 2015 The New CIP Data Block: How to Use It for Cataloging Karl Debus-Lopez and Caroline Saccucci
September 30, 2015 PDA Metrics: Stop Worrying and Trust Your Users Jason Dewland, Teresa Hazen, and Andrew See
September 16, 2015 Designing Collections for Collisions Steven J. Bell
September 9, 2015 RDA for Copy Catalogers: The Basics Vicki Sipe
August 26, 2015 Strategies for Effective Library Communication Marie L. Radford
May 20, 2015 Improving Morale: It Can Be Done without Frosting Su Epstein
May 13, 2015 From MARC to BIBFRAME: An Introduction Carolyn Hansen and Victoria Mueller
May 6, 2015 Time Management for Technical Services Managers Amber Billey
May 1, 2015 Disaster Response Q&A Nancy E. Kraft
April 30, 2015 Digital Preservation for Individuals and Small Groups Mike Ashenfelder
April 28, 2015 Moving Image Preservation 101 Siobhan C. Hagan
April 15, 2015 Using LibGuides in Technical Services Jennifer Bazeley
April 10, 2015 Promoción de Repositorios Institucionales Carol Hixson
April 8, 2015 Providing Perpetual Access Sarah (Sally) Glasser
March 18, 2015 Cataloging Continuing Resources in a Changing Landscape Regina Romano Reynolds
March 16, 2015 E-Book Cataloging Using a Shared Mailbox Nancy Poehlmann
March 11, 2015 Persistence: “Got Yours?” Preserving Scholarship Victoria Reich and Katherine Skinner
March 9, 2015 Workflow Maps: Tools for Insight and Enhancement Kristen Wilson
March 4, 2015 Transforming MARCXML Records Using XSLT Violeta Ilik
February 23, 2015 Tailoring Communications to Different Audiences Jennifer Williams
February 18, 2015 Trends and Advancements for Library Resource Discovery Marshall Breeding
January 12, 2015 Turn Your Idea into a Publication
December 17, 2014 How to Host a Preservation Week Event Donia Conn
December 10, 2014 Use of Social Media in the Library Stacy Sieck
December 3, 2014 Can I Copyright My Data? Sandra Aya Enimil and Amanda Rinehart
November 19, 2014 Authority Records and Copyright Determination Matt Carruthers and Kristina Eden
November 12, 2014 More Than Citations and Impact Factor: Altmetric.com Terrie E. Moffitt, Alyson Williams, and Sara Rouhi
November 7, 2014 Relaciones en RDA Felipe Martínez Arellano
November 7, 2014 RDA Relationships (in Spanish) Felipe Martínez Arellano
October 29, 2014 Creating Holistic User Experiences Gayna Williams
October 15, 2014 Podcasts: What Are They and What Role Can Librarians Play? Sheryl Ramer Gesoff and Christine Beardsley
October 9, 2014 Standards for Collection Management - Part 2 Betty Landesman and Nettie Lagace
October 7, 2014 Standards for Collection Management - Part 1 Betty Landesman and Nettie Lagace
October 1, 2014 Housing Solutions for Objects in Collections Laura McCann and Angela Andres
September 24, 2014 Faculty Buy-in for IR and OA Publishing Carol Hixson, Tina Neville, Deborah Henry
September 10, 2014 Using Excel to Help Cut Budgets Karen Harker
September 3, 2014 Copyright Issues for Growing Digital Collections Julie Carmen
August 27, 2014 RFID: Considerations for Implementation Stephanie Handy
June 16, 2014 to June 18, 2014 Library Preservation Today!
June 10, 2014 to June 12, 2014 Creating Successful Scholarly Communication with an Institutional Repository
June 4, 2014 Libraries and MOOCs: Role, Opportunities, Pitfalls Sarah Bordac
May 28, 2014 Using RDA with DACS: What’s New? Cory Nimer
May 21, 2014 Using Third-Party MOOCs on Campus Rebecca Griffiths
May 7, 2014 Negotiation of E-Resource Licensing & Pricing Terms Abbie Brown
May 1, 2014 Preserving Scrapbooks Melissa Tedone
April 29, 2014 Low-Cost Ways to Preserve Family Archives Karen E. K. Brown
April 23, 2014 Planning and Describing Your Work with P&T in Mind Lizzy Walker and Ginger Williams
April 16, 2014 RDA Basics for Music Materials Mary Huissmann
April 9, 2014 Saying Goodbye to the Electronic Resources Fund Maria Savova
April 4, 2014 Comprendiendo RDA de Forma Fácil Felipe Martínez Arellano
April 4, 2014 Understanding RDA in an Easy Way (in Spanish) Felipe Martínez Arellano
March 26, 2014 Through a MOOC, Darkly: Understanding the MOOC Landscape and Its Impact on Libraries' Digital Resources Curtis L. Kendrick and Irene Gashurov
March 19, 2014 RDA: Staff Training, Implementation, and Monographic Workflow Stephen Smith
February 26, 2014 MOOCs and the Public Library Dorothy Pawloski
February 26, 2014 to June 4, 2014 ALCTS Webinar Series: Libraries and MOOCs
February 19, 2014 RDA: Revising, Developing, and Assessing Kathy Glennan
February 12, 2014 How to Host a Preservation Week Event Donia Conn
February 5, 2014 How to Present a Webinar Keri Cascio
December 18, 2013 Accessible Electronic Resources for All Angela Dresselhaus
December 11, 2013 MOOCs: Here to Stay or Flash in the Pan? Jonathan Grudin
December 4, 2013 Optimizing Floating Collections for Public Libraries Deborah George and Barbara Spruill
November 20, 2013 Assessment Strategies for Cataloging Managers Rebecca Mugridge
November 13, 2013 Evaluating Print Book & E-Book Patron-Driven Acquisitions Suzanne Ward and Rebecca Richardson
November 6, 2013 MOOCs: Copyright Management for Online Courses? Kevin L. Smith
October 23, 2013 Electronic Resources Workflows and Tools Dawn Hale, Kari Schmidt, and Laura Wrubel
October 9, 2013 Libraries and MOOCs: Providing Solutions for Alt-Higher Ed Steven Bell
October 2, 2013 Floating Collection: How It Can Work in a Large, Multicampus, Academic Library Barbara Coopey and Barbara Eshbach
September 25, 2013 Get Ready to MOOC: Why Libraries Should Care Mike Eisenberg
September 18, 2013 Using Open Refine to Update, Clean up, and Link Your Metadata to the Wider World Sarah Weeks and Elissah Becknell
August 21, 2013 Managing E-Resources Cataloging: Impact and Insight Sherab Chen
June 18, 2013 to June 20, 2013 Virtual Preconference: Loan Agreements for Exhibits Materials Kristina Bottomley, Tonia Grafakos, and Sara Stigberg
June 10, 2013 to June 11, 2013 Virtual Preconference: Shared Collection Development Barbara Kawecki, Michael Levine-Clark, Sadie Williams, and Athena Hoeppner
May 22, 2013 Challenges with Linked Data in Libraries Heather Lea Moulaison
May 15, 2013 Mobilizing the Library Sonya Betz and Robert Zylstra
May 8, 2013 Programmatic Changes to the LC/NACO Authority File for RDA Dave Reser
April 25, 2013 Archival 101: Dealing with Suppliers of Archival Products Peter D. Verheyen
April 24, 2013 Personal Digital Archiving Mike Ashenfelder
April 23, 2013 The Preservation of Family Photographs Debra Hess Norris
April 17, 2013 Technical Services Librarians Matter at Your Library: Finding a Career in Technical Services Joshua Barton, Sarah Simpson, and Roberta Pilette
March 20, 2013 Hosting a Personal Digital Archiving Day Event Erin Engle
February 27, 2013 Transitioning from Cataloging to Creating Metadata Teressa M. Keenan and Vicki Sipe
February 13, 2013 CONSER RDA Core Elements for Serials Les Hawkins
November 28, 2012 Holdings Comparisons: Why Are They So Complicated? Amy Kirchhoff
November 14, 2012 The Role of Long-Term Storage in Digital Curation Laura Osterhout & Erin Rhodes
November 12, 2012 Principles of Classification Lai Ma
November 7, 2012 RDA in 10 Easy Steps Thomas Brenndorfer
October 31, 2012 RDA for the Non-Cataloger: What’s in It for You? Lori Robare
October 17, 2012 RDA Name Authorities—What's New and Different from AACR2 Paul Frank
October 10, 2012 The Art of Selecting Digital Content to Preserve Brenda Miller and Sarah Rhodes
October 3, 2012 Demand-Driven Acquisitions, part 2 Michael Levine-Clark, Barbara Kawecki, Rebecca Seger
September 19, 2012 Demand-Driven Acquisitions, part 1 Michael Levine-Clark
September 12, 2012 Recording RDA Elements in MARC 21 Fields in Name Authority Records Ana Lupe Cristán
September 5, 2012 Universal Access to All Knowledge Brewster Kahle
August 22, 2012 Really Mystified: Creating the Sudden Selector's Guide to Chemistry Resources Elizabeth Brown
August 15, 2012 Writing and Citing: Creating the Sudden Selector's Guide to Biology Resources Flora Shrode
August 1, 2012 The Future of the Integrated Library System? Walter Nelson
May 30, 2012 Archival Materials: Using RDA with DACS Cory Nimer
May 23, 2012 Rare Materials and RDA: Exploring the Issues Robert L. Maxwell and John Attig
May 9, 2012 Using the Library of Congress Classification P Schedule Elaine A. Franco
May 2, 2012 Using the Library of Congress Classification H Schedule Louise Ratliff
April 26, 2012 Preserving Your Personal Digital Photographs Bill LeFurgy
April 24, 2012 Taking Care: Family Textiles Bronwyn Eves
April 18, 2012 You Ought to be in Pictures: Bringing Streaming Video to Your Library Erika Peterson and Cheri Duncan
April 11, 2012 More Product, Less Process: Why It Matters to Archivists, Librarians, and Researchers Dennis Meissner
April 4, 2012 Challenge the Status Quo: When the IR comes to Access Services Brad Matthies
March 28, 2012 Cataloging Three-Dimensional Objects and Kits with RDA Kelley McGrath
March 21, 2012 Libraries and MARC Holdings: From Works to Items Everett Allgood and Wen-Ying Lu
March 14, 2012 RDA and Moving Images Kelley McGrath
March 7, 2012 Steps in a Digital Preservation Workflow Bill LeFurgy
February 29, 2012 The Black, White, and Gray Areas of Licensing: A Review and Update for Librarians and Publishers Becky Albitz, Bob Boissy, Tracy L. Thompson-Przylucki
February 22, 2012 Preparing for the Worst: Disaster Planning for High Density Storage Jennifer Hain Teper and Roberta Pilette
February 15, 2012 Effective Subscription Management and Alternatives Deborah Lenares and Steve Smith
February 8, 2012 Services Lead to Success: Strategies for Repository Growth Isaac Gilman
December 14, 2011 2CUL: Cornell/Columbia Next Gen Tech Services Scott Wicks and Bob Wolven
December 12, 2011 Elementos RDA en MARC 21 para registros de autoridad de nombre Parte II Ana Lupe Cristán
December 7, 2011 Datasets for Publication: Standards and Issues Todd Carpenter and Terri Mitton
December 5, 2011 Elementos RDA en MARC 21 para registros de autoridad de nombre Parte I Ana Lupe Cristán
November 30, 2011 Promoting Institutional Repositories on and off Campus Dan Kipnis
November 9, 2011 ISSN and You: Using ISSN SuperNumber in the Digital Environment Regina Romano Reynolds
November 2, 2011 Cataloging Law Materials with RDA John Hostage
October 26, 2011 RDA and Music Basics: Sound Recordings Kathy Glennan
October 19, 2011 RDA and Music Basics: Scores Kathy Glennan
October 12, 2011 Constructing the Future Library: Architectural and Digital Considerations Jeffrey Hoover and Denelle Wrightson
October 5, 2011 The CONSER Standard Record: Where Are We Now? Steve Shadle
September 28, 2011 RDA and Cartographic Materials: Mapping a New Route Paige G. Andrew
September 21, 2011 Floating Collections: Building on Your Patrons' Horizons Dawn Peters
September 14, 2011 Book Repair Basics for Libraries Peter D. Verheyen and Marianne Hanley
August 31, 2011 Recommendations from the RDA Test: Where Do We Go From Here? Barbara Bushman and Regina Reynolds
August 24, 2011 The Art of Scanning Paul Royster
August 1, 2011 Aiming for a Robust Metadata Infrastructure for the Future Deanna Marcum and Beacher Wiggins
June 1, 2011 Reengineering the Institutional Repository to Engage Users Suzanne Bell and Nathan Sarr
May 25, 2011 Cases and Commentaries: Intellectual Property Issues for Librarians Anne Gilliland
May 11, 2011 Engaging Your Campus in Utilizing Institutional Repositories Marianne Buehler
May 4, 2011 Organizing the Evaluation of Electronic Resources Lenore England and Li Fu
April 28, 2011 Preserving Your Personal Digital Memories Bill LeFurgy
April 27, 2011 Protecting Future Access Now Amy Kirchhoff
April 26, 2011 Accidents Happen: Protecting & Saving Family Treasures Nancy E. Kraft
April 13, 2011 Repository Metadata: Challenges of Interoperability Wendy Robertson
April 6, 2011 Preparing Copy Catalogers for RDA Irina Kandarasheva and Mark Wilson
March 23, 2011 Culling Your Collection: The Fine Art of Weeding Keri Cascio
March 16, 2011 Linked Library Data: Tuning Library Metadata for the Semantic Web Corey Harper
March 2, 2011 RDA and Serials Catalogers: Will Our Work Really Change? Steve Schadle
February 17, 2011 RDA Ask-the-Experts Webinar Linda Gabel, Erin Stalberg, Trina Grover, Kathryn La Barre
February 9, 2011 Changes from AACR2 to RDA. Part 2 Adam Schiff
February 2, 2011 Changes from AACR2 to RDA. Part 1 Adam Schiff
January 26, 2011 Copyright and Contracts: Moving Beyond Text in IRs Lisa Macklin
January 19, 2011 Finding Savings in the Collection Budget Jane Schmidt
December 16, 2010 The Potential of Partnerships: Dissolving Silos for a Successful IR Implementation Marilyn Billings
December 15, 2010 FRBR as a Foundation for RDA Robert Maxwell
December 8, 2010 Introduction to Sears Subject Headings II Sara Rofofsky Marcus
December 1, 2010 Don’t Tilt at Windmills, an Active Learning Approach to Teaching FRBR James Ascher and Peter J. Rolla
November 17, 2010 Digital Preservation: An Introduction to the Basic Concepts Cathy Martyniak and Emily Gore
November 10, 2010 Introduction to Sears Subject Headings I Sara Rofofsky Marcus
November 3, 2010 RDA: Benefits for Users and Cataloguers Christine Oliver
October 27, 2010 Maximizing Revenue from Selling withdrawn Books and Unwanted Gifts Robert Holley
October 13, 2010 RDA for Administrators: Managing the Transition in Your Library Christopher Cronin
October 6, 2010 Buying Library Materials on the Out-of-Print Book Market Robert Holley
September 28, 2010 Using Web 2.0 Applications in Technical Services Julie Swierczek
September 22, 2010 Introduction to RDA Robert Ellett
August 18, 2010 Continuity of Operations after a Disaster Nancy Kraft
June 9, 2010 Disaster Response Nancy Kraft
June 2, 2010 Cataloging more icky things, or, If you can catalog a book, you can catalog this stuff too! Pamela Newberg
May 19, 2010 Perpetual Beta: Early Literature about Institutional Repositories and What Assessment Can Tell Us Now Leah Vanderjagt and Allison Sivac
May 13, 2010 Mold Prevention and Remediation Michele Brown
May 12, 2010 Disaster Preparedness and Planning Nancy Kraft
May 11, 2010 Archival 101: Dealing with Suppliers of Archival Products Peter D. Verheyen
April 28, 2010 The Consortial-Campus View: Reinventing the IR from All Directions Sharon Farb, Bonnie Tijerina, and Catherine Mitchell
April 14, 2010 The Rise and Fall of Reference Collections: Strategies for Managing Change David Tyckoson
April 7, 2010 Selecting an IR Platform: Options, Approaches, and Implications Bob Gerrity
March 24, 2010 Making the Most of Your Descriptive Metadata: Planning, Transforming, and Re-using Marisa Ramirez and Nancy Fallgren
February 24, 2010 Cataloging Icky Things, or, If You Can Catalog a Book, You Can Catalog Anything! Pamela Newberg
December 2, 2009 You Want Me to Select for What? Getting Started in a New Area Virginia Kay Williams
November 10, 2009 Bringing Research Data into the Library: Expanding the Horizons of Institutional Repositories MacKenzie Smith
October 28, 2009 Yours, Mine, Ours? Copyright Ownership and IRs Dwayne K. Buttler
September 23, 2009 Open Access: Key Trends Heather Morrison
June 10, 2009 Generating Campus Buy-In for Your IR Marisa Ramirez and Michael D. Miller
May 6, 2009 Beyond the Institutional Repository: Campus Research Distribution Strategies Marilyn Moody
April 8, 2009 Institutional Repositories: The Promises of Yesterday and of Tomorrow Greg Tananbaum
March 23, 2009 How to Present a Webinar Keri Cascio
September 25, 2008 ONIX for Serials Nathan Robertson and Katharina Klemperer
June 18, 2008 Demystifying Library Standards Trisha Davis, Julia Gammon, Karen Wetzel, and Pamela Bluh
June 2, 1996 Planning for the Evolving Role of Metadata Services ALCTS Metadata Interest Group