Presidential Citations

These very special awards honor ALCTS members who make significant contributions to the association and to the profession but whose accomplishments do not fall within the criteria for ALCTS' other awards. They are awarded by the current ALCTS President.

The Presidential Citation is intended to recognize distinguished achievement by a member or members.

Citation Recipients

Year Recipient(s)
2020 Lindsay Cronk for her service as Project Leader for the 2019-2020 Core Communications Team as well as her service as a member of the 2019-2020 Core Steering Committee
Erica Findley for her contributions to ALCTS through her service as an ALCTS representative to the 2019-2020 Core Steering Committee
Chelcie Rowell for her contributions to ALCTS through her service as an ALCTS representative to the 2019-2020 Core Steering Committee and as its liaison to the Core Communications Group
2019 Miranda Bennett for her outstanding leadership and service in the area of budget and finance
Julie Mosbo for her outstanding leadership and service within the Preservation and Reformatting Section (PARS)
Kathy Glennan for her outstanding leadership as a two-term ALA Representative to the RDA Steering Committee (RSC) and as chair-elect of that committee and her contributions to the development of a new RDA governance model and the establishment of North American RDA Committee (NARDAC)
Harriet Wintermute for her exceptional leadership and service over the course of four years on the ALCTS Fundraising Committee
Susan Wynne for her extraordinary service and outstanding leadership as a two-term chair of the Cataloging and Metadata Management Section (CaMMS)
M. Dina Giambi for exceptional leadership of the ALCTS 60th Anniversary Steering Group
Regina Gong for outstanding leadership of the ALCTS Mentoring Subcommittee
Julie Reese for creating remarkable programs and events for ALCTS
Karla Strieb for planning, organizing, and leading the 2017 ALCTS Exchange 
2016 Alissa Hafele and Heylicken (Hayley) Moreno for their outstanding leadership of the ALCTS New Members Interest Group (ANMIG)
Lenore England for extraordinary vision to build a culture of philanthropy within ALCTS
Vicki Sipe for leadership in bringing the highly successful Fundamentals of Cataloging web course to fruition
Susan Wynne for outstanding leadership of the Membership Committee and tireless enthusiasm for ALCTS
Alice Pearman for superlative contributions to ALCTS News
Jacob Ineichen for creating ALCTS photo scavenger hunt
Holly Robertson and Annie Peterson for their outstanding work, Preservation Statistics
OCLC Research for their influential 2013 report Understanding the Collective Collection: Towards a System-Wide Perspective on Library Print Collections
Donia Conn for outstanding contributions to Preservation Week
Debra Spidal for meritorious service in designing and implementing a marketing plan for ALCTS continuing education
Deborah Ryszka for outstanding leadership of and contributions to the ALCTS Membership Committee
Louise Ratliff for leading the transition of the Council of Regional Groups to become the Affiliate Relations Committee
Mary Beth Weber for her service as ALCTS Newsletter Online editor
Kristin Martin for developing and growing the e-Forum conversations
Dina Giambi for launching the ALCTS New Members' Interest Group
Pamela Bluh for leadership of the new Continuing Education Committee
Jeanne Drewes for leadership in establishing Preservation Week
Kate Harcourt for contributions as Chair of ALCTS LCWG Implementation Group
Keisha Manning for launching the ALCTS New Members' Interest Group
Karen Motylewski for leadership and support in establishing Preservation Week
Magda El-Sherbini for work as Chair of the Steering Committee for Implementation of Non-English Access Task Force
Andy Hart for work with reorganizing the Preservation and Reformatting Section of ALCTS
Dale Swensen for leadership of the Organization and Bylaws Committee and work rewriting the ALCTS Bylaws
Janet Belanger Morrow for her work as head of of Library Materials Price Index Editorial Board
David Miller for exemplary work on LCWG
Cathy Martyniak for establishing Digital Preservation in ALCTS
Betsy Simpson for her work as Chair of Leadership Development Committee
2007 Special 50th Anniversary Citations
Beacher Wiggins for contributions to the profession
Glen Patton for contributions to the profession
Peggy Johnson for her work as Editor of Library Resources & Technical Services
Edward Swanson for extraordinary service to Library Resources & Technical Services
Beth Picknally Camden for work as chair of the Non-English Access Task Force
Jennifer Bowen for leadership as JSC Representative
Karen Calhoun, LC Action Plan leadership
Marty Kurth, continuing education
Helen Reed, ALCTS strategic planning
Jeanne Drewes, publications
Dina Giambi, leadership development
Miriam Palm, ANO editor
Lori Robare, continuing education
Charles Wilt, distinguished service
ALA Production Services, spectacular support
Matthew Beacom, JSC AACR
Pamela Bluh and Cindy Hepfer, continuing education
Genevieve S. Owens, publishing efforts
Cathy De Rosa, Lorcan Dempsey and Alane Wilson, Pattern Recognition
John Attig, AACR2 Rule Revision
Laura and William Sill, Strategic and Tactical Plan database
Ann Swartzell, organization & bylaws efforts
Sally Tseng and Mary Larsgaard, continuing education
Carol Pitts Diedrichs and Trisha Davis, web course for continuing education